When Therapists Engage in Self-Disclosure

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman Moshe was in therapy for OCD, and the therapist disclosed that he also had OCD and that is why he became a therapist. Sarah was in therapy for depression, and the therapist disclosed that for a year after she had a baby she was on anti-depressants. Shimon told his therapist that he […]

613 Seconds with Rabbi Elchonon Chaikin, CEO of Cheder Chabad.

BJH: I’m here today with Rabbi Elchonon Chaikin, CEO of Cheder Chabad in Baltimore, ”  Rabbi Chaikin, welcome to the interview! R’ Chaikin:  Great to be here! BJH: OK, let’s get right to it.  I understand you came on board at  Cheder Chabad recently, is that right? R’ Chaikin:   Yes, I joined two years […]

Rising from the Ashes

Rabbi Zvi Teichman After the angels conclude their mission in bringing the good tiding of Yitzchok’s future birth, Avraham escorts them on their way out. Unbeknownst to Avraham they were on their way to destroy Sodom and save Lot. G-d realizing that Avraham is in the dark regarding this plan feels compelled to reveal to […]

Chai Lifeline Mid-Atlantic Launches I-Shine Boys Session with Support from TA

BJLife Newsroom Chai Lifeline Mid-Atlantic welcomed a fantastic group of boys and counselors to our inaugural boys’ session of I-Shine, an after-school club for our families. We extend our gratitude to TA for generously hosting this weekly program and wish to acknowledge the numerous incredible mentors from TA high school, who, under the supervision of […]

Haschalas Chumash at TA!

Last week, 1st grade talmidim at Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim-Talmudical Academy of Baltimore celebrated their Haschalas Chumash! The boys read from a Sefer Torah, received their chumashim, and started Bereishis together inside the Chumash.

Mishna Yomi Community-Wide Siyum on Seder Moed (Photos)

BJLife Newsroom A sellout crowd was in attendance at Mercaz Torah U’Tefillah (R’ Eichenstein) in honor of the completion of Seder Moed from the ever popular Mishna Yomi program. Those in attendance were zoche to hear divrei bracha and chizuk from special guest speaker Rav Moshe Aaron Rosenbaum, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Gedolah Ohr HaTorah […]

Baltimore Rallies for Israel 

BJLife/Isaac Draiman Photo credits: Frank Storch On Sunday October 29, 2023 a spirited crowd of approximately 1000 massed in the plaza in front of Penn Station to express their support for Israel and the IDF; to demand the release of those being held hostage in Gaza; and to thank the United States for standing with […]

The Jewish Community Football League (JCFL) by “ShimzCars” kicks off 2023 season

On Sunday morning October 15, “JCFL by Your Kitchen Spot” began its 12th season.  Prior to the opening week, 80 players were divided between 8 different teams via a draft system, ensuring parity in competition. The teams are named for their individual team sponsors: All State – Yaakov Schmell, ActualEyes, Clothier, M3 Management, Miracle Massage, […]

Baltimore City Leaders Rally Behind The Alvin S. Mintzes Hatzalah’s Life-Saving Mission As Councilman Yitzy Schleifer Secures an Historic $1,000,000 For Hatzalah Of Baltimore

BJLife/Isaac Draiman In a remarkable display of unity and support for public safety, Baltimore City Mayor Brandon Scott, along with Council President Nick Mosby and Councilman Isaac Schleifer, have joined forces to bolster Hatzalah, an esteemed volunteer-based emergency medical service organization, by securing vital funding. This collaborative effort not only underscores the city’s unwavering dedication […]

Georgetown Zionists: A New Voice for Israel on Campus

Nolan Drazin, a student at Georgetown University Law Center, was horrified by the October 7th Hamas terrorist attacks – the mass murder of 1,400 people, the maiming of thousands more, and the unconscionable acts of brutality inflicted upon the innocent civilians of Israel. In the days following the barbarism, Georgetown Law had not taken formal […]