The Jewish Community Football League (JCFL) by “ShimzCars” kicks off 2023 season

On Sunday morning October 15, “JCFL by Your Kitchen Spot” began its 12th season. 

Prior to the opening week, 80 players were divided between 8 different teams via a draft system, ensuring parity in competition. The teams are named for their individual team sponsors: All State – Yaakov Schmell, ActualEyes, Clothier, M3 Management, Miracle Massage, Sushi Sakura, Tripping Kosher, and Worthy Insurance.

Following the draft, teams were provided with their team jerseys, thanks to Fired Up. They also spent quality time meeting the I Heart Remodeling Officiating Crew who along with officiating duties, prepped the Y & L Landscaping fields (at Pikesville Middle) with some assistance from The Maryland Team Grounds Crew, and provided teams with their Stanley Markovitz Orthodontics equipment for the 2023 season.

Like previous seasons, all eight teams will compete for seven regular season games, with the top four facing off in the playoffs. The playoffs winners will then battle each other in the league championship, The Goldbergs/Taam Thai/The Club/Mama Leah’s Bowl, for a chance to take home the Zion IV Trophy.

For a recap of some of the excitement fromthe first few weeks of the season, keep reading:

Miracle Massage7

In a season defined by rookie QBs, the Clothier vs. Miracle Message matchup saw a battle between veteran QBs Ezra Bregin and Dan Gutman. Clothier came out of the gate hot with a deep TD to rookie receiver Aryeh Walter. After getting the ball back a few drives later, Clothier sealed another TD drive with a short drop off to TE Simi Wilner. Clothier kept on rolling with a quick interception by Aryeh Walter followed by a first play touchdown over the middle to Mordechai Schiermeyer. Second half adjustments by Miracle Message kept Clothier off the scoreboard the rest of the game. But Clothier’s lockdown defense, led by defensive linemen Simi Wilner, Miracle Massage was limited to only one TD in the second half.

Tripping Kosher15

In a clash that will be etched into the annals of flag football lore, Actual Eyes overcame some early mistakes to beat Tripping Kosher 19-15. In his first season at QB, Dovid Shugarman took the reins at orchestrated a symphony of offensive prowess. His arm was a cannon, launching two perfect spirals that found their mark in the end zone, while his legs and sneaky running ability carried him triumphantly across the goal line for another. But this wasn’t a one-man show; this was a tale of a team already in midseason prime. All-time pro Josh Zaslow, etched his name deeper into the JCFL history books making chain-moving plays that carved through the opposition’s defense. With lightning speed and hands that seemed to have magnets for footballs, he blazed past defenders for a 40-yard TD, an extra point, and also had the game-sealing interception. Mookie Chamdi, a blur on the field, left defenders in his wake as he sprinted all over the field finding the open zones, and catching every ball with ease. Rookie sensation Yoni Levin patrolled the defensive backfield with the grace of a gazelle. His speed and athleticism shut down receivers, breaking up what seemed like certain touchdowns and leaving the opposing offense in disarray. Aryeh Pliskin, grizzled veteran and master strategist, drew up plays with Belichick-like aura. Shragi Rabinowitz, a newcomer to the squad, left his mark with an acrobatic catch that defied the laws of gravity, propelling the team across the field to the one-yard line. The defensive line, a relentless force, was led by the dynamic duo of Neal Gerstman and Moshe Gholian. Despite missing QB hunting pro-bowler DE/TE Levi Akkerman, they were a tempest, a storm that battered the opposing quarterback with unyielding pressure. Sacks were their currency, and they cashed in at the most opportune times, changing the course of the game. This could be a team that wins it all.

Sushi Sakura23

Sushi Sakura rose to the challenge in week 2 against the big bad line of Simi Wilner and Co. With a lockdown defensive line led by rookie Dudi May and veteran Eli Dollman, Sushi Sak’s defense forced turnovers with multiple sacks, stops, and picks.

Starting with stud CB Gedalia Gelb who came up with the first interception to set the Sak up with their first TD. Asher Meth came down with an additional 2 exceptional picks to give the Sak the upper hand. Things were no different offensively with Josh Kronick holding his own at the line, the Sak had their way with the boys on Clothier, putting together multiple crafty scoring drives to take the win in week 2. The boys of Sushi Sakura are a team to be reckoned with!

Tripping Kosher21
Yaakov Schmell: Allstate15

Tripping Kosher started the scoring first with a long TD pass to Zack Lerner. Yaakov Schmell: Allstate quickly responded with a score of their own. But Tripping Kosher QB Chaim Fink found Zack Lerner again for another long TD to retake the lead. Schmell Allstate wasn’t ready to call it quits as they scored another TD  and on the ensuing drive, sacked Fink in the end zone for a safety. But it was Fink’s defensive play on the next drive, as he pulled in an impressive INT and ran it back for a pick six, which ultimately gave Tripping Kosher the win.

Miracle Massage33
M3 Management26

Led by 4 TDs (3 receiving and one pick 6) and 2 interceptions (the second of which sealed the game) from Akiva Stutman, Miracle Massage came back from an early deficit to defeat M3 Management 33-26. Dovid Flamm had 3 INTs and a receiving TD, Tzvi Haber added 2 sacks on defense along with an extra point on offense, and jack-of-few-trades Ozzie Marizan had a sack and broke up a key 4th down pass in the come from behind win. QB Dan Gutman overcame a slow start from the offense to throw for 4 TDs and added a spark on defense in the second half.

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