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Rabbi Yisrael Motzen – Ner Tamid Congregation
Rabbi Yisrael Motzen – Ner Tamid Congregation

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Unlocking the Haggadah Part 2
byRabbi Motzen
Unlocking the Haggadah Part 2
Laws of Pesach: erev pesach and Seder night
Unlocking the Haggadah Part 1: The Seder of the Seder
Foil-less Kashering of the Kitchen
Laws of Pesach: Cleaning your home in 20 minutes
A Jewish View on wine and other substances
Laws of Purim for women
Defense of Judaism – The Morality of Monotheism/ Non-Jews in the Talmud
Kosher kitchen – ovens and microwaves
Defense of Rabbinic Judaism – making Aliyah
Kosher Kitchen – Onions, garlic, and other sharp foods Part 2
Defense of Rabbinic Judaism – did the rabbis of the Talmud know science?
Kosher Kitchen – Onions, garlic, and other sharp items part 1
Defense of Rabbinic Judaism – “King David did Not Sin.” Really?!
Kosher Kitchen – Pareve Dishes Part 2
Kosher kitchen – Pareve food in Milk/ Meat dishes
Defense of Rabbinic Judaism – G-d’s Prayer
Kosher Kitchen – Glass
Kosher Kitchen – Did I just make my food treyf? Probably not!
Defense of Rabbinic Judaism – the simple meaning of the text.
Defense of Rabbinic Judaism – Crqzy sounding drashos
Defense of Rabbinic Judaism – Shabbos and the Rationale behind the prohibition on Incest
Chanukah for Women
The Meaning of Wealth
Laws of Kosher – the principles #1 (flavor, separate dishes, bittul)
Defense of Rabbinic Judaism: Sorcery, Soeaking to the Dead, and superstitions
Kosher Kitchen – Bread and placemats
Defense of Rabbinic Judaism – what were the rabbis thinking?!
Kosher Kitchen – Eating meat and milk at the same table
Keeping a Kosher Kitchen #3 – waiting after dairy
Defense of Rabbinic Judaism #3 – Halachic Pluralism
Keeping a Kosher Kitchen #2 – waiting less than 6 hours, children waiting, and more
Defending Rabbinic Judaism #2 – four understandings of rabbinic legislation and more
Keeping a Kosher kitchen #1
Defending Rabbinic Judaism 1 – Did the Rabbis violate ‘adding to the Torah’? Why so many decrees?!
DJA finale: The entire Shaar Hagemul in 45 minutes
Laws of Yom Tov part 2
Understanding the 13 Middos (Hashem, Hashem…)
DJA – what’s for dinner in olam haba?
Laws of Yom Tov part 1
DJA: The Music of Olam Habbah and the Rambam controversy
The four stages of the afterlife
The incredible story of Don Isaac Abarbanel
Womens Halacha Class – Where to Daven
What is… Heaven?
Morning Berachos and shelo asani ishah
What is… Gehenom (Hell)?
Womens obligation to Daven
DJA #8 – Man-made Disasters vs. God-Made Disasters
Eating/ Drinking/ Working before Tefilah
DJA #7 – Synopsis of the Book of Iyov / the 3 Step Response to Suffering
The obligation to daven with a Minyan… for Women
DJA #6 – Original Sin, Emotional Questions and Reincarnation
Mechitza: History, philosophy, and halacha
DJA #5 – Is life like the Truman Show?
DJA #4: Jewish suffering, restraint, and afflictions of love
DJA #3 – The Last Year of Life
DJA #2 – The Role of Gehinom and the stages of judgment
House Minyanim and Kiddushes in shul- laws of shul #2
G-d’s Home – Laws of Shul #1
DJA #1 – The judgment of Rosh Hashana and the purpose of suffering
Understanding the Haggadah
A Non-Stressful Pesach
Mountain top spirituality and Judaism
Laws of Havdallah: Besamim and Candle
Havdallah obligation for women
Understanding Korbanos
Havdallah #2 – why we spill wine and what to make Havdallah on
Not a Rerun
Laws of Havdallah #1
Rabbi Sacks on the Meaning of Holiness
Can you really hava a cookie for Shalosh Seudos?
How the golden calf made us into a people
Shalosh Seudos Part 1
Why a Mishkan?
Women’s Obligation to say 100 Berachos and learn Torah on Shabbos
Trying to Understand the Torah’s Perspective on Slavery
The Obligation for the Daytime Kiddush for Women
Amirah l’nachri: mail deliveries, newspapers, pictures taken on Shabbos
Amira l’nachri #6 – deliveries, Amazon prime, dropping off clothes at the cleaners
Moshe’s Transformation
Amirah l’nachri – washing dishes, opening fridges, doormen and more
Moshe’s Missing Years
Amirah l’nachri – review class
Yosef’s double curse
Amira l’nachri #4: Major financial loss, embarrassment, and animal safety
Why Yosef didn’t write home
Amirah l’nachri #3
Yosef’s Dream Interpretation Skills
Amira l’nachri class #2
Yaakov’s Nocturnal Anxiety
Amirah l’nachri class #1
Yakov’s Transformation
Laws of Lechem Mishna #5
What was Rivkah thinking?! The stealing of the berachos
Laws of Lechem mishneh #3 women’s class
Yitzchak: The Most Emotionally-Intelligent Av
Laws of Lechem mishneh #2 – women’s class
Akeidas Yitzchak
Laws of Lechem Mishna 1 – women’s class
R Yakov Frand on the Parsha
R Yakov Frand on the Parsha

R Yakov Frand Divrei Torah on the Parsha

הגדה-ארבעה בנים (2023)
byR Yakov Frand


הגדה-ארבעה בנים (2023)
הגדה-ארבע בנים (2022)
הגדה-שאינו יודע לשאול (2019)
הגדה – מה נשתנה
הגדה-מה נשתנה
הגדה-הא לחמה עניא
(2021) הגדה-ד כוסות
הגדה-ד כוסות (2019)
הגדה-ארמי עובד אבי (2023)
הגדה-כולנו מסובין (2023)
הגדה-דיינו (2023)
הגדה-כורך (2023)
הגדה-מרור (2023)
דבר תורה פ׳ ויקרא (2023)
דבר תורה פ׳ ויקהל (2023)
דבר תורה פ׳ כי תשא (2023)
דברי תורה לפורים
דבר תורה פ׳ תצוה (2023)
דבר תורה פ׳ תרומה (2023)
דבר תורה פ׳ משפטים (2022)
‎דבר תורה פ׳ בשלח (2023)
דבר תורה פ׳ שמות (2023)
דבר תורה פ׳ ויחי (2023)
דבר תורה פ׳ ויגש (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ וישלח (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ ויצא (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ חיי שרה (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ לך לך (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ נח (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ בראשית (2022)
דבר תורה שמחת תורה (2022)
דבר תורה לסכות (2022)
דבר תורה ליום כיפור (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ וילך (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ נצבים (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ כי תבוא (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ כי תצא (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ שופטים(2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ מטות-מסעי (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ פנחס (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ חקת (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ קרח (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ שלח (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ בהעלתך (2022)
דבר תורה לשבועות (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ בחקותי (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ אמור (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ אמור (2020)
דבר תורה פ׳ אמור (2021)
דבר תורה פ׳ אמור (2018)
דבר תורה פ׳ אמור (2019)
דברי הלכה פ׳ אמור (2020)
דבר תורה פ׳ קדושים (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ אחרי מות (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ קדושים (2019)
דבר תורה אחרי מות (2018)
דבר תורה אחרי מות (2019)
דבר תורה פ׳ אחרי-קדושים (2021)
דברי הלכה פ׳ אחרי-קדושים (2020)
דבר תורה פ׳ אחרי מות (2020)
הגדה דברי תורה (2022)
דבר תורה שבת הגדול (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ מצורה (2019)
דבר תורה פ׳ תזריע (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ תזריע (2019)
דברי הלכה פ׳ תזריע (2020)
דבר תורה פ׳ תזריע מצרע (2018)
דבר תורה פ׳ תזריע מצרע (2020)
דבר תורה פ׳ שמיני (2019)
דבר תורה פ׳ צו ושבת הגדול (2020)
דבר תורה פ׳ שמיני (2020)
דבר תורה פ׳ שמיני (2018)
דבר תורה פ׳ ויקרא (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ פקודי (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ ויקרא (2020)
דבר תורה פ׳ ויקרא (2018)
דבר תורה פ׳ ויקרא (2021)
דבר תורה פ׳ ויקרא (2019)
דבר תורה פ׳ פקודי (2019)
דבר תורה פ׳ ויקהל (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ כי תשא (2022)
דבר תורה ויקהל פקודי (2017)
דבר תורה פ׳ ויקהל (2021)
דבר תורה פ׳ ויקהל (2019)
דבר תורה פ׳ ויקהל (2018)
דבר תורה פ׳ ויקהל (2020)
דבר תורה פ׳ כי תשא (2018)
דבר תורה פ׳ כי תשא (2020)
דבר תורה פ׳ כי תשא (2017)
דבר תורה פ׳ כי תשא (2021)
דבר תורה פ׳ תצוה (2018)
דבר תורה פ׳ תצוה (2019)
דבר תורה פ׳ תצוה (2020)
דבר תורה פ׳ תרומה (2020)
דבר תורה פ׳ תרומה (2019)
דבר תורה פ׳ תרומה (2018)
דבר תורה פ׳ משפטים (2022)
דבר תורה פ׳ יתרו (2022)
‎דבר תורה פ׳ משפטים (2020)
The Torah Sparks Podcast
The Torah Sparks Podcast

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The Six Constant Mitzvos (Tzav)
byR' Ori Strum

In this week's episode of The Torah Sparks Podcast, we discuss a fascinating take on the words אש תמיד and explain a connection between these words and the 6 constant Mitzvos.

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The Six Constant Mitzvos (Tzav)
The French Laundry (Vayikra)
Good Chicken Sandwiches (Vayakhel/Pekudei)
The Art of Magna Tiles (Ki Sisa)
Make Sure YOU Come (Tetzaveh)
It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Jew (Terumah)
Red Pens and the Power of Seeing the Good (Mishpatim)
Kodak's Failure: A Lesson in Complacency (Yisro)
National Geographic: The Most Amazing Footage (B'shalach)
When There's a Will, There's a Way (Bo)
Yogurt Explosions and Living with Passion | Special Guest: A. I. | Parshas Va'eira
The Secret Sauce of the Jewish People (Shemos)
Damar Hamlin and the Power of Unity (Vayechi)
Show Him the Real Boss (Vayigash)
Rhode Island and Providence Plantation (Miketz/Chanukah)
Cutting on Action (Vayeishev/Chanukah)
Respect is Earned When No One is Looking (Vayishlach)
The Claw Game (Vayetzei)
We Run and They Run (Toldos)
Backbones and Worms (Chayei Sarah)
The Proof is in the Pudding (Vayeira)
Darwin's Monkey's (Lech Lecha)
Down the Mountain (Noach)
The Large Luminaries (Bereishis)
Pulled Over for Speeding (Haazinu/Sukkos)
The Greatest City in America (Vayelech/Shabbos Shuva)
Writer's Block and Rosh Hashanah (Nitzavim/Rosh Hashanah)
Roomba Got Stuck Again (Ki Savo)
Travel the World in One Day (Ki Seitzei)
The Mysterious Light Switch (Shoftim)
Bigger than a Rhino (Re'eh)
A Pound of Feathers (Eikev)
On Top of Mt. Everest (Va'eschanan)
Dark Adaptation (Devarim)
Mr. Macho (Matos/Maasei)
Put on Your Life Jacket (Pinchos)
The Story of the Missing Keys (Balak)
Tennis Grunting and the Red Heifer (Chukas)
Ice Cubes and the Slippery Slope (Korach)
Two Dots Next to Each Other (Shelach)
Ask the Front Desk (Ba'haloscha)
Marshmallows Can Hurt (Nasso)
Move Closer to Home (Bamidbar/Shavuos)
Don't Yell at the Screen (Bechukosai)
Humble Haughtiness (Behar)
30 Day Pet Food Challenge (Emor)
Skeleton in the Back Seat and Holiness (Kedoshim)
Milk's Favorite Cookie (Acharei)
Please Remove Your Yeezys (Pesach/Passover 2022)
Dilation of the Pupil (Metzora/Shabbos Hagadol)
230,000 Minutes of Gossip (Tazria)
Why Don't Humans Eat More Bugs? (Shemini)
Shaloch Manos Trackers (Purim/Tzav)
Redwood Trees (Vayikra/Zachor)
One Wordle Per Day (Pekudei)
Special Guest: David C. Milke – Holy Dumpster Diving (Vayakhel)
Stubbed Toes (Ki Sisa)
Don't Be the Guy Who Knows the Guy (Tetzaveh)
Olympic Rings and Kansas Trains (Terumah)
Heated Seats 24/7 (Mishpatim)
Super Seder Campaign (Yisro)
Number One Fan (B'shalach)
Do I Look Like a Carrot? (Bo)
Cup O Salvation (Va'eira)
The Sick Chihuahua (Shemos)
The Baby Mosquito (Vayechi)
The City of Brotherly Love (Vayigash)
Don't Spike the Vase (Miketz/Chanukah)
Spirit Airlines Flight #NK433 (Vayeishev)
Just Passing Through (Vayishlach)
Everyone is on a Journey (Vayetzei)
I am a Construction Worker (Toldos)
Bargain Hunters (Chayei Sarah)
Double Lock Your Car (Vayeira)
Yiddel and The Band (Lech Lecha)
Slow Down (Noach)
Shabbos on Mt. Everest (Bereishis)
The Dirty Welcome Mat (Vzos Habracha/Shemini Atzeres/Simchas Torah)
Knock Knock I'm Here (Yom Kippur/Haazinu)
Five-Year-Old Genius (Vayelech)
Nothing Like the Present (Nitzavim/Rosh Hashanah)
The Crunchy Leaf (Ki Savo)
Instant Hot Noodle Soup (Ki Setzei)
Double Bunker (Shoftim)
The Peekaboo Rhino (Re'eh)
The Yellow “O” in Google (Ekev)
The World's Greatest Prank (Vaeschanan)
Championship Merch and Associating with Greatness (Devarim)
The Harvard of All Countries (Matos/Masei)
I'm a “Yisroel” and Proud (Pinchas)
The Stressful Kitchen Fan (Balak)
7-Mile Bags and Change ft. Moshe Boehm (Chukas)
Ping Pong Strings (Korach)
The Rabbi Yonah Sklare Podcast
The Rabbi Yonah Sklare Podcast

Rabbi Yonah Sklare is a Rosh Kollel in Baltimore, MD as well as Magid Shiur at Congregation ShomreiEmunah. His refreshingly creative approach to learning as well as his captivating presentation style, have attracted a diverse and beloved following. He lectures at numerous local institutions, including Women’s Institute of Torah Seminary, as well as out of town and online. Rabbi Sklare received semichah and his PhD in Talmudic Law from Ner Israel Rabbinical College. He can be reached at rabbisklare@gmail.com.

Vaera: The Enchanting Truth of What Lies Beyond Nature
byyonah sklare

 Does nature
reveal or conceal the truth of Hashem? This is the fundamental point of
departure between the believer from the non-believer. Through the prism of our
parsha it will become apparent how this modern-day religious-secular divide is
the very same kulturkampf that was waged upon the Nile Delta in the story of
Yetzias Mitzrayim.   

Vaera: The Enchanting Truth of What Lies Beyond Nature
Shemos: The Viciousness of Verbal Bullying
Vayechi: Is Happily Ever After a Fairytale Fantasy?
Vayigash: Do We All Believe in the Same Hashem?
Chanukah’s 3 M’s: Milk, Menorah, and Maternity
Vayeshev: Finding Meaning in Human Suffering
Vayishlach: Find Your Guardian Ma’lachim
Vayatzai: Finding A Safe Space
Kislev: Finding Life Amidst the Dead of Winter
Chayai Sorah: Homage to the Jewish Women
Chayai Sorah: Chessed Which Empowers the Other Person, And Doesn’t Subordinate Them
More on Vayera: Don’t Jettison Your Past
Vayera: Don’t Jettison Your Past
Lech Lecha: Discovering Hashem, Discovering Yourself
Lech Lecha: Terach, the Unacknowledged ‘’Patriarch”
More on Noach: Embracing the Opportunities of Take Two
Noach: Embracing the Opportunities of Take Two
Sukkos: Finding Refuge in Ourselves
Teshuvah: Embrace Yourself, Don’t Negate Yourself
Rosh Hashanah: The Magic of a Weep
Elul: The Poignant Inner Voice When the Shofar Falls Silent
Ki Savo: The Challenge and Opportunity of Maturing into Adulthood
Elul: It’s About Love, Not Fear
Ki Satzai: Finding Purpose in Non-Idyllic Life Circumstances
Ki Satzai: Discipline in Service of Love
More on Shoftim: Leadership Done Right- How to Maintain the People’s Trust
Shoftim: Leadership Done Right- How to Maintain the People’s Trust
More on: Re’eh– The Worst Travesties are Committed in the Name of Religion, and We Share Nothing in Common with Those Faiths
Re’eh: The Worst Travesties are Committed in the Name of Religion, and We Share Nothing in Common with Those Faiths
Eikav: A Healthy Relationship with Materialism
Eikav: I’ve Got a Little Bit of Moshe in Me
How to Refresh Yourself Amidst a Mid-Life Crises
Masai: From Fear of You I Run to You
Avos 1:17b: More on Silence is Golden
Avos 1:17: Silence is Golden
Avos 1:16: The Quest for Certitude and Security
Pinchos: The Sacredness of Jewish Family Life
Pinchos: Don’t Snuff out Individuality by Institutionalizing the People
Avos 1:15c G-dliness Personified by the People
Avos 1:15b Complementary Leadership Styles
Avos 1:14 Taking Responsibility For One Own Spiritual Future
Balak: The Attack Upon Our Choseness
Balak: Snuffing the Soulfulness out of Relationship— A Lesson from The Hideous Ritual of Ba’l Peor Worship
Avos 1:15 Hillel and Shamai= Ahava and Yira
Avos 1:13 The Frivolous Pursuit of Fame
Chukas: More on An Adolescents Craze for Independence
Chukas: The Adolescent’s Craze for Independence
Avos 1:12c Humble Leadership
Avos 1:12b Inclusivity of all Mankind
Avos 1:12a The Consummate Peacemaker
Korach: Inspiring Confidence in Torah Leadership
Korach: If I am I and You are You, Then, I am Truly I
Avos 1:11b: Balance
Avos 1:11a: Don’t Lust Power
Shelach: Loving Eretz Yisroel as Our Mother
Avos 1:10-11a Work Ethic
Avos 1:8-9b Discipline through Love
Avos 1:8-9a Judge with Humanity
Behalosicha: Balancing Personal Initiative with Deference to Authority
Behaloscha: The Power of a Mother’s Love Coupled with The Power of Her Own Self-Confidence
More On- Naso: Who Is Holding Whom? How to Feel Elevated Rather Than Burdened by Our Mitzvah Responsibilities
Naso: Who Is Holding Whom? How to Feel Elevated Rather Than Burdened by Our Mitzvah Responsibilities
Avos 1:6-7a: The Expanding Concentric Circles of Human Relationship
Avos 1:5b Don’t Abdicate Your Dignity
Avos 1:5a Respecting Woman
Avos 1:4c Limiting Self to Become Enriched by Others
Avos 1:4b Shechinah in the Jewish Home
Shavuos: Bringing Heaven Down to Earth
Shavuos: The Role of Humanism in Matan Torah
Avos 1:4a Family as a Expansion of Yourself
Avos 1:3d Loving Authority vs. Disclination — Chassidishe Rebbe vs. Bad Cop Mashgiach
Avos 1:3c The Students as an Active Participant
Avos 1:3b Personal Growth vs. Responsibility to Community
Avos 1:3a Altruism and the Afterlife
Shavuos: A Celebration of Ourselves
Shavuos: Fidelity in Our “Marriage” to the Torah
Avos 1:2b A Sense of Self
Avos 1:2a Human Initiative Yields Divine Results
Avos 1:1e Demanding of Self, But Accommodating Towards Others
Avos 1:1d Inclusivity of All Jews
Behar: We Too, Have A Relative In High Places
Avos 1:1c Who Were the Anshai Keneses HaGedolah
Avos 1:1b Relating to Our Students’ Wavelengths
Avos 1:1a A Path to Transcendence
Emor: Image Matters
Emor: A Beautiful Face with a Beautiful Mind
Intro to Pirkai Avos 3: Why is Avos in Seder Nezikin
Intro to Pirkai Avos 2: Why Is It Called “Avos”?
Intro to Pirkai Avos 1: Why Do We Learn This Text During The Sefiras Haomer Period?
Kedoshim: The Danger of a Smothering Relationship
More on our Post Pesach Message: Barking Dogs and The Audacity to Hope
Post Pesach Message: Barking Dogs and The Audacity to Hope
Asking Hashem the Mah Nishtana
Pre-Pesach: The Freedom of Self-Awareness and Self-Expression
Gemara Sota 11b- The Merit of Righteous Women
Mishna Pesachim 1:1- The Power of Reframing
Shabbos HaGadol: What Makes it so Unbelievably ‘’Gadol’’?
Parshas HaChodesh: More On The Waxing of Hope and Salvation
Parshas HaChodesh: The Waxing of Hope and Salvation
Shemini: More On Unbridled Love Kills…But So Does Overbearing Discipline