Baltimore City Leaders Rally Behind The Alvin S. Mintzes Hatzalah’s Life-Saving Mission As Councilman Yitzy Schleifer Secures an Historic $1,000,000 For Hatzalah Of Baltimore

BJLife/Isaac Draiman

In a remarkable display of unity and support for public safety, Baltimore City Mayor Brandon Scott, along with Council President Nick Mosby and Councilman Isaac Schleifer, have joined forces to bolster Hatzalah, an esteemed volunteer-based emergency medical service organization, by securing vital funding. This collaborative effort not only underscores the city’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding its residents but also reinforces the foundations of swift emergency response within the Baltimore community.

Hatzalah, renowned for its rapid response times and dedicated volunteer team, has been on a life-saving mission for nearly 18 years. From its modest beginnings with a small group of first responders and a $15,000 donation, it has grown into a formidable operation with five ambulances, a cutting-edge facility, 20 dispatchers, five service units, and a team of 50 all-volunteer responders, including skilled medical professionals. Hatzalah’s President Elimelech Goldstein pointed out that, Hatzalah has an impressive record including responding to 2,000 calls annually, and offering aid to anyone, regardless of background.

The ever-changing economic landscape and evolving emergency response needs have magnified Hatzalah’s role. “The COVID-19 pandemic posed unforeseen challenges, and Hatzalah played a pivotal role in response efforts, partnering with Baltimore City and other government agencies for testing, vaccine clinics, and more. This came at a great financial expense to Hatzalah”, says Executive Director Dovid Heyman.

 Recognizing the importance of their life-saving work, Councilman Schleifer and city officials have stepped up to secure funding for Hatzalah to not only recover from the pandemic’s impact but to prepare for the future, replacing aging ambulances and staying ready for the world’s ever-evolving challenges.

In the words of Yitzy Schleifer, “I firmly believe that Hatzalah’s impact on our city is immeasurable. Their swift response and dedication has saved countless lives while also saving the city millions of dollars in EMS response. This investment in public safety is an investment in Baltimore’s future.”

Council President Nick Mosby added, “The timing of this gift couldn’t   have been better. Hatzalah has consistently been there for our community, and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate organization to support. Their work is vital, and this funding will help them continue their life-saving mission.”

As a community we must extend our deepest gratitude to Councilman Schleifer for spearheading the effort to secure the funds needed. His dedication and commitment to the cause have made this partnership with the city a reality, and we are incredibly thankful for his unwavering support.

Lastly, our heartfelt thanks go to Mayor Scott and Council President Mosby for their pivotal role in securing the funding and their unwavering commitment to Baltimore City. Their support has been instrumental in strengthening public safety and ensuring Hatzalah’s continued service to the community for many years to come. This collaborative effort underscores the power of collaboration between local government and community organizations in preserving and enhancing public safety.

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