Parshas Vayeira

Rabbi Berel Wein Wars, family dysfunction, and the danger of future extinction are the challenges that confront our father Avraham and our mother Sarah in the narrative that dominates this week’s Torah reading. In this era, correcting the past and editing personal biographies to make people’s lives appear perfect, serene, and smooth is especially true. […]

Sleeping Duty

Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow The Gemara in Nedarim (15a) says that an oath not to sleep for three days is considered to be a shevuas shav, a vain oath. It is not physically possible to stay awake for three days. Coffee may help, but even caffeine has its limits! A number of years ago, people watching […]

Tax Breaks to Get Charged Over

Allan Rolnick Actor Tyler Perry made his fame and fortune playing a pot-smoking, gun-toting, G-d-fearing granny who takes no foolishness. Perry’s signature character has appeared in 11 plays, 5 TV series, 11 movies, and even a cartoon. She certainly won’t win Perry any Best Actress awards. But the movies do make bank. Together, they cost […]