Not a Legacy Worth Passing Down

As told to Rebbetzin Sara Gross

I struggled with my smartphone for many years. It was my “everything”. I knew it was too addictive to me to continue using, but I couldn’t imagine getting rid of it. Years went by and I tried to limit myself on and off with what I used my smartphone for, but nothing ever stuck. Then one day I heard one of my children saying, “When I get big and get a phone…” I didn’t even hear the rest of the sentence. My heart dropped to the floor. I was setting a terrible example for my family. This was not what I wanted for them. I decided to get a flip phone and use my smartphone as a computer after my kids went to sleep. 

It was life changing. Don’t get me wrong, the first few days were terrible. I felt awful without my smartphone in my hand, and that made me feel worse. How could I be so addicted that it was this hard to be without it? As time went on, I felt relief and only later, freedom. Baruch Hashem I overcame my attachment and have more control over my life. I pray that my decision and self control will be an example and profound lesson to my children as they grow into adults and must make their own difficult choices in life.

Did You Know?

Google has created a Google Chat option at the bottom of your Gmail screen. Google Chats allows anyone with your email address to start a chat with you, or create a group and add you to it. Needless to say, this has led to many people receiving messages from highly inappropriate sources.

Although one can block another user, most of these spammers have numerous email addresses and they will just reach out through a different email address. It should be noted that in the settings of the Gmail app there is an option to shut off the Chat, Space and Meet icons.

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