Pikesville’s 28th Annual Tour De Court

BJLife Newsroom The 28th annual Tour de Court was played on Sunday, Sept. 4. Tour de Court (TDC) is an annual Pikesville basketball tournament where players are required to ride bicycles to the various outdoor backyard courts. The champions names are transcribed on the cherished Golden Helmet. Most importantly, TDC has become a major fundraiser […]

A Success Story – From Christianity on Campus to Yeshiva in Yerushalayim

By BJH staff RAJE Maryland Director, Rabbi Gavriel Horan, met Joe Bernstein in UMBC back in 2017. Joe attended an introductory Torah class on campus at the behest of a friend. Rabbi Horan recalls that he was impressed by Joe’s intelligence, good manners, and curly “Jew-fro.” At a subsequent meeting with Rabbi “G,” Joe explained […]

Rosh Chodesh Elul for Women at Ner Tamid

Over 120 women gathered at Ner Tamid Congregation to celebrate Rosh Chodesh Elul (1 Elul). Sponsored by the Ner Tamid Sisterhood and Robin Karlin, the program included singing Hallel together, led by Mrs. Lisa Aronson Friedman on guitar, breakfast, and a performance by Lisa’s choir, Kol Zimrah Baltimore Women’s Choir. The Ner Tamid Women’s Hallel […]

Veterans Sefer Torah dedicated in Baltimore in memory of World War II Veteran

A special and unique Hachnosos Sefer Torah Parade and celebration took place in Baltimore, Maryland. The Jewish Uniformed Service Association of Maryland-Chabad (JUSA), under the directorship of Rabbi Chesky and Chani Tenenbaum welcomed the Veterans Torah with a festive parade headed from Blue Stone Park to the headquarters of JUSA.  The Torah was dedicated in […]

Back to School

Darchei Noam Montesorri Torah School of Greater Washington Ohr Chadash Academy Talmudical Academy Torah Institute YTS

The Thrill of Fear

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman We spend a lot of time and resources protecting ourselves from fearful occurrences. We wear seat belts, alarm our homes, take vaccines, set up Hatzalah organizations, etc. Real life is scary and prudence would dictate taking whatever measures we can to avoid frightening situations. Then, why do people actively seek out terrifying […]

Let’s Call a Spade a Spade

Rabbi Zvi Teichman When going out in battle against their enemies there is a vital tool that must not only accompany the soldiers at all times, but must also be placed in the exact location on their belts, the left side, where their swords were suspended from. (תרגום יהונתן, לקח טוב) ויתד תהיה (דברים כג […]

Not a Legacy Worth Passing Down

As told to Rebbetzin Sara Gross I struggled with my smartphone for many years. It was my “everything”. I knew it was too addictive to me to continue using, but I couldn’t imagine getting rid of it. Years went by and I tried to limit myself on and off with what I used my smartphone […]