OCA Bar Mitzvah Dinner

OCA recently hosted its inaugural 7th Grade Boys Bar Mitzvah Dinner! The boys, accompanied by their fathers, grandfathers, and Rebbeim, joined together for a night celebrating the momentous occasions of their Bar Mitzvah. The class made a Siyum on Seder Moed and each student spoke about a mitzvah of their choosing, its meaning, and relevance […]

613 seconds with Adina Moskowitz

Owner of Hair Styling by Adina LLC and creator of The Hair Club Tell us about yourself:I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and my husband grew up in Detroit, MI, but was learning in yeshiva and in college here when we met. I have always noticed that Baltimore has a unique אחדות that I have […]

If Therapy Was Free

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman If therapy was free, would you see a therapist? In other words, if you are a “normal” person, your life is going great, and you have absolutely no problems to discuss, would you benefit from seeing a therapist? In real life, the cost of therapy in both time and money prevents most […]

The Door is Open

Rabbi Zvi Teichman After having read the Haggadah, performing all the special mitzvos of the night, partaken of a delicious and festive meal, we then recite an enthused birkas hamazon, drink the third cup of wine, and then immediately pour a fourth one, over which we will recite the rest of Hallel, offering heartfelt praise […]