613 seconds with Adina Moskowitz

Owner of Hair Styling by Adina LLC and creator of The Hair Club

Tell us about yourself:
I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and my husband grew up in Detroit, MI, but was learning in yeshiva and in college here when we met. I have always noticed that Baltimore has a unique אחדות that I have never experienced in other cities I have been in and new I wanted to raise my children here. My husband and I have 5 beautiful children ka”h. My husband is a mechanical engineer for an engineering consulting firm in Towson and I have owned and operated a hair styling salon called Hair Styling by Adina from my home for almost a decade now. My children attend some of the greatest institutions Baltimore has to offer-Shaarei Chaim, Talmudical Academy, and Bais Yaakov.

How did you decide to become a hairstylist?
Would you believe when I was younger the jobs I said I would NEVER have was teaching, sheitel macher, or run a business. This is a perfect example of Man plans and G-d laughs. These are the 3 jobs I’ve ever had and found I was good at and passionate about it.
I taught Early Childhood for about 10 years and did wash & sets on the side.

I am basically self-taught, and used to be the hair person to go to as a teen, as well. I have a mentor who is an owner of 2 salons and has worked in many high end fashion shows including New York fashion week. He has brought me on his team at New York fashion week twice and taught me many styling techniques including how to cut hair.

When my 4th child was born, my husband and I decided it was time to quit teaching and go full time into my business.
Best decision I ever made and I’ve never looked back.

What makes your business unique:
I believe in a high level of integrity and respect for my clientele and want my clients to walk in with a knowledge that what they want for their hair will be respected to the best of my ability. I try to always be give full disclosure of what to expect when utilizing my services.

I provide wash & sets, blow outs/curling, haircuts, and updos. I sell high quality hair products; my creation-the Bandina; I rent/sell hair extensions; and I’m the creator of The Hair Club.

What exactly is the Bandina?
The Bandina is a hat fall that is a halo extension modified with an adjustable band and straps to hold down your hair under a hat.
I created the Bandina because I preferred the look of hair framing my face while wearing a hat, but wanted the same comfort of a hat without a wig.

Why would I choose your hair products over the cheaper versions?
I have tried many brands of hair products over the years and when comparing my products to other brands, I have discovered 2 things:

 1) It works. I wish I had some of these products for myself when I was growing up!

2) It lasts. Not only do the products last all day in your hair/wig, but you do not need to use as much of the product as the cheaper brands.

When it comes to hair products a key tip is that for the most part, quantity DOES reflect quality. The more expensive products DO work better on the hair and tend to be healthier for the hair, as well.

Ok. The Hair Club. What is it?
The Hair Club is my newest baby. It’s a group of courses for girls 1st to 12th grade, divided into separate age groups. It’s more than just hairstyling lessons. It’s a club. A place to come surround yourself with supportive encouraging friends, build confidence and acceptance in yourself, and relax in a non-school environment while learning a useful skill.

For our next session we have 3 different options of courses, each teaching different skill sets-
Hair Course 101
The Curly Hair Care Course  
Elementary Hair Course

In all 3 courses we discuss a bit of the science and health of hair, as well. I want the girls to have a basic understanding of the logic of the techniques they learn so they can apply and adjust to the nuances in hairstyling.

Where did you come up with this idea?
I’m a teacher at heart. I missed teaching and found myself giving tips to people all the time. Several mothers mentioned I should start a course for their daughters and wished they had something like this growing up. I thought about it, and decided to create a curriculum and here we are.

How can someone interested in any or all that Hair Styling by Adina provides get in contact with you?
These are quickest ways to contact me. I usually respond same day.
My email is hairstylingbyadina@gmail.com. You can Whatsapp my business number which is only used for Whatsapp NOT calling, at 443-450-3322. Whatsapp/text 216-255-8970
Or go to my website hair-styling-by-adina.myshopify.com and there are links on the home page to make appointments including consults and register for courses.

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