Parshas Chayei Sara

Rabbi Berel Wein Our matriarchs of Israel were very strong personalities and were formidable women. The life experiences of our mother Sarah are an excellent example of this assessment of character and behavior. From the Torah narrative, we are informed early on that she is infertile, unable to conceive and give birth naturally. Nevertheless, we […]

Is a Bar Mitzvah Boy an Adult?

Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow The boy spent weeks in preparation for his bar mitzvah. When the moment arrived, he relished the opportunity to read the Torah. He had finally achieved adulthood. He was now a full card-carrying member of the tzibbur. Or was he? Our sages have taught that there are physical attributes that signify when […]

Please Listen Carefully as Our Menu Options Have Changed

Allan Rolnick, CPA When was the last time you called someone’s customer service number and found an actual person at the other end of the line? Did it feel like winning the lottery? We’re not talking about ordinary voicemail here. We’re talking about those endless phone tree menus that have gotten so frustrating that there’s […]