Morah Tziri – Ner Tamid Montessori

Tell us about yourself Hi, my name is Tziri (pronounced almost like Siri). To all my students and their families, though, I’m Morah Tziri. I grew up in Monsey, NY and moved to Baltimore after Meir and I got married in 2013. We have 4 adorable children ka”h. I taught Kindergarten for 10 years, and […]

Masmidei Layla of Baltimore at the Agudah of Park Heights is the Place to Be!

Masmidei Layla of Baltimore at the Agudah of Park Heights has over 150 boys participating in this program. The Beis Medrash is packed and the atmosphere is electric.   During the summer months of  July and August, the program runs Sunday to Thursday.  Each session is 45 minutes of partnered learning with Chavrusas and fathers. There are […]

<strong>Unity Torah continues the Legacy of Efraim Gordon</strong>

Transforming Tragedy to Life On Sunday, July 10, a perfectly sunny and breezy summer day, approximately one thousand members from the diverse Baltimore Jewish community gathered together in a compelling display of unity and celebration. Swaying to the rhythm of the cheerful music, watching their children happily sucking on cold popsicles, representatives from every facet […]