Masmidei Layla of Baltimore at the Agudah of Park Heights is the Place to Be!

Masmidei Layla of Baltimore at the Agudah of Park Heights has over 150 boys participating in this program. The Beis Medrash is packed and the atmosphere is electric.  

During the summer months of  July and August, the program runs Sunday to Thursday.  Each session is 45 minutes of partnered learning with Chavrusas and fathers.

There are many incentives for those that attend the program. There is a special MLB Weekly raffle for boys who learn and chazer 50 Mishnayos a week or learn 2 blatt Gemara.  In addition, boys can earn a grand raffle ticket for learning 250 Mishnayus or 12 blatt Gemara that they learn or review at the program during these sessions. These grand raffle prizes include a new set of Vilna Shas, a set of Mishnayos Zecher Chanoch, and a set of Artscroll Mikros Gedolos.

There are also nightly raffles for all attendees. After the learning time, the boys are treated to refreshments, including ice cream, ices, cholent, poppers, or doughnuts!

Rabbi Zvi Schwartz, founder of  the program says, ”MLB has broken barriers in so many ways. The summer at the Agudah is now a great opportunity for boys to learn in a structured and exciting setting.  We look forward to the tens of thousands of Mishnayus, hundreds of blatt learned and the hundreds of happy and content faces that are full of the sweetness of Torah.

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