School and Emotional Wellness

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman Children of all ages attend school from just a few years after they are born until they become adults. Kids are sent off to school in the morning and return in the late afternoon while their parents go about their daily lives. Essentially, school is serving two roles: educating the children and […]

ADHD and Inconsistency

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman Shimon was a 15-year-old whose behavior baffled his parents. Shimon enjoyed woodworking and when he would get into a groove he would be able to spend hours upon hours patiently carving out the most incredible creations. But when his parents would ask him to clean up his room, he would moan and […]

When Therapists Engage in Self-Disclosure

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman Moshe was in therapy for OCD, and the therapist disclosed that he also had OCD and that is why he became a therapist. Sarah was in therapy for depression, and the therapist disclosed that for a year after she had a baby she was on anti-depressants. Shimon told his therapist that he […]


Rabbi Azriel Hauptman Trust is the “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something”. Trust can be found in almost every aspect of our lives. We trust that the sun will rise in the morning, that our house won’t collapse, and that a meteor is not about to crash into […]

Nonverbal Learning Disability

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman Nonverbal Learning Disability (NVLD) refers to an individual who suffers from learning disabilities due to their difficulties in interpreting nonverbal information. The term “nonverbal” is therefore misleading, as it can be interpreted as meaning that one is lacking in verbal abilities. NLVD is, in fact, just the opposite, as we shall explain. […]

Prophylactic Parenting to Avoid Sibling Estrangement

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman The topic of sibling estrangement is complex and difficult. No two families are alike and no two relationships are alike. It is very hard to point fingers at any specific person and say that it is his or her fault. Nevertheless, there are ways that parents can foster a healthy relationship amongst […]

Religion and the Big Five

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman We are witness to a common phenomenon in our times that young men and women commonly experience a religious transformation as young adults which leads them to higher levels of devotion and intensity in their Yiddishkeit. When the change is dramatic, it is sometimes called “flipping-out”. Parents of “flip-outs” sometimes feel that […]

Attachment Theory and the First Year of Marriage

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman When a young man and woman are engaged to be married, they each study with a mentor the relevant Halachos, Hashkafos, and practical knowledge that they will need in marriage. Securing an experienced and wise Chosson or Kallah teacher is imperative to avoid all kinds of problems that can emerge in the […]

When Toddlers Bite

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman Sarah is a two-year-old child who has started attending a day care in the morning for the first time. Everything seemed to be going well, until the day care called and said that Sarah had bit one of her playmates. Sarah’s parents were aghast. Who did she learn this behavior from? Why […]

When Adult Children Cut Off Contact

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman The topic of child estrangement is very painful, both for parents and for children. The parent-child bond is very powerful, and whatever the cause was for the estrangement, it most certainly reflects someone who is in so much pain that they decided to cut off contact with their parents. Whose fault is […]