Threatening a Child

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman The topic of spanking a child as a form of Chinuch has been discussed in many venues, but one topic that is not discussed as often is using verbal threats as a form of discipline. An excerpt from the second chapter of Maseches Semachos is an excellent place to start our conversation.  […]

The Dangers of Complacency

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman Addiction is a disease that wreaks havoc on the lives of the addicts and their loved ones. After an addict has successfully reached sobriety, the question is often asked if that means that the addiction is cured. The short answer is… No. Addiction cannot be cured, but it can be managed. Imagine […]

Theoretical Orientations

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman A theoretical orientation is the therapist’s understanding about how psychological problems develop and how these problems are treated or changed. There are countless theories out there, and as a therapist’s personal journey progresses, he or she will gravitate towards a handful of approaches and these become the bedrock of their entire method […]

Caregiver Guilt

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman Yehuda and Devorah have been married for fifty years and together they raised a beautiful family. Recently, Yehuda developed a medical condition that is chronic and requires constant care and attention. Devorah took it upon herself to be her husband’s primary caregiver and she told her children that this is the least […]

When It’s Hard To Be Home For The Holidays

How IFS Can Help Singles (and Others)by Rabbi Ari Poliakoff, LCSW-C Pesach is a joyous (if taxing) time for many—new clothes, yummy meals, lively sedarim.The crowning glory of this yom tov, however, is family—kids coming home, family gettingtogether, traditions honored and cherished memories evoked. We have the all-important centraltheme of v’higadeta l’vin’cha, connecting generations by […]

If Therapy Was Free

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman If therapy was free, would you see a therapist? In other words, if you are a “normal” person, your life is going great, and you have absolutely no problems to discuss, would you benefit from seeing a therapist? In real life, the cost of therapy in both time and money prevents most […]

OCD in Children

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman Levi is a six-year-old boy who has some interesting rituals. He spends a lot of time cleaning between his toes before taking a bath since his teacher once told him that germs can hide between your toes. Levi also makes sure that the door to his closet is closed when he goes […]

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman PTA conferences have always been perplexing for Shimon’s parents. All of the Rebbeim and teachers deliver the same report: “Your son is an angel and I wish that all of the boys were as respectful, cordial, and well-behaved as your son.” Indeed, whenever Shimon goes to a friend’s house to play, his […]

Deinstitutionalization and Homelessness

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman Homelessness is a growing problem in the United States and as of 2018 over half a million people were homeless. Of those, about 200,000 homeless people suffer from mental illness such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Amongst the prison population, it is estimated that approximately 300,000 inmates in the United States are […]

What Causes Addiction?

Rabbi Azriel Hauptman The question of what causes addiction is one that has been the focus of scientific research for many years, and the answer is somewhat confusing. Is it a predisposition that one is born with, a result of peer pressure, or an attempt to soothe negative emotions? I am sure that you would […]