Mosdos Kehal Chassidim

Tell us about yourselves:

Mosdos Kehal Chassidim is the new name for the already established Chassidish community in Baltimore. Originally started in 2014, Cheder Kahal Chassidim was started to bring Chassidish families to Baltimore.  The men learn in kollel in Kedushas Yisrael shul, while some women stay at home, some work in the mosdos, some work from home, and others work for offices in Baltimore. 

The kollel is run under the leadership and guidance of morah d’asra Rabbi Amrom Jungreis. Rabbi Jungreis had the zechus to receive סמיכה and have שימוש from the famous Ga’on Rabbi Moshe Halberstam ל“זצ  of the  החרדית  עדה as well as well as of א“יבלחט the Rav and author of the N’tei Gavriel א“שליט where he has served as a dayan for over a decade. 

Rabbi Jungreis also served a number of years as as שואל משיב    in the Kollel חיים   בית יהושעin Boro Park, and is also known for his Shiurim and speeches, including at the famous ‘Irgun Shiurie Torah’ shiurim. Many of his divrei torah have been printed in ‘ואגדה הלכה שיעורי .‘,בית הוראה ’הלשכה‘ לעניני סת“ם the found helped He where he would give Shiurim for Sofrim, and wrote the Sefer הכתב סדר. He moved to Baltimore last year along with his Eishes Chayil, Rebbetzin Perri Jungreis, a teacher in a few of our local schools, and their beautiful children.

Today, with a lot of siyata dishmaya, we have an established, stable community in the upper Park Heights area. The kollel is thriving with around 20yungleit learning together under one roof. The schools have grown tremendously and are now 4 completely separate divisions – daycare, preschool, girls elementary and cheder and goes from 6 weeks old through 4th grade, with over 120 children, Chassidish and litvish who come to learn Torah and embrace the greatness of yiddishkeit. 

Our mosdos have been warmly welcomed by the Baltimore Torah community, and Harav Moshe Heinemann is part of its Rabbinic committee. We have had special visitors come and see the cheder including Rabbi Heinemann shlita and Rabbi Feldman shlita.  In fact, Baltimore families who appreciate yiddish-speaking chinuch and warm chassidishe approach have chosen K’hal Chassidim schools for their children, in all divisions, making our kehillah an additional facet in the growing yeshiva community. 

Parents who send to our daycare enjoy the added benefit of sending to a fully licensed center, where the parents can get help applying for and obtaining vouchers, making their child’s tuition minimal and affordable. Having qualified, certified staff in every room and small class sizes allows us to give each student the love and time each child needs to grow and thrive. We recently got approved by the state to start a hot lunch program in the daycare, that will be starting soon iyH!

For the Baltimore community, having the Kollel here offers lots of benefits:

1. Members of the Kollel live and learn in the upper Park Heights area, which helps make the community stronger. The newcomers are buying houses in the area which is making our area stronger!

2. The mosdos have playgrounds that are used frequently by the Baltimore community families after school hours, on shabbos, and yomim tovim 

3. Kedushas Yisrael, welcomes litvish people to learn there, attend shiurim, and daven there on Shabbos and Yom Tov. They embrace the community and are appreciative to be here in Baltimore. 

4. Some Yungleit families are in the process of, or already have, bought houses here in Baltimore and want to stay here long term. 

5. The Kollel is established – it was started in 2014 and B”H is going strong. We have an active marketing campaign to bring new families down, families with young children.

 6. Some Yungleit families have a spouse working outside the kollel community – in local offices, teaching in our local schools, or working from home for local businesses. 

7.. Shabbos Bnos groups is held in one of our buildings.

8. Our Mosdos employ litvish staff and administrators, creating jobs.

9. Rabbi Jungreis gives Shiurim at local shuls, and Rebbetzin Jungreis has weekly chaburos for girls, and also gives Shiurim all over. She is a dedicated teacher at two of our big local schools and a valued member of our community.

10. The kollel is currently undertaking the project of bringing over new Chassidish families to move here, which will boost business and bring more families with young children to settle in Baltimore.

For these reasons, and lots more, please consider donating in our campaign.  Coming up February 5 – 7th. MKC will be having our critical campaign to help raise much needed funds to be able to keep doing the great work we are doing. However, we can’t do it without you. Making a donation, no matter how small, will help. Every penny counts and is used with the utmost appreciation, respect, and consideration for the hard work that went into earning it.

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