Menucha Community Purim Carnival

Who can say no to popcorn and cotton candy? Who can say no to the reminiscent carnival booths of our childhood: searching for pennies in a bowl filled with flour, throwing a wet sponge at a human target, and discerning between a cup of coke and Pepsi? Menucha’s Purim carnival last Sunday exceeded all expectations, bringing the community a spirited and exciting event. Organized by dedicated volunteers Miss Sorah Taragin and Miss Rivka Garry in collaboration with Tal — a teen program led by Miss Menucha Fink — the Carnival was  a great hit!  Fun booths staffed by volunteers lined Liberty Jewish Center, and enthralled children trooped from one station to the next, their laughter and smiles filling the room. Everywhere you turned, there was something else! A photo booth! Face paint! Food! Crafts! Music boomed and spirits soared, the joy of Adar reaching every nook and cranny. Running for three hours and open to the entire community, the carnival gave everyone a chance to enjoy, participate, and show support to the incredible Menucha organization and all they do for our community. 

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