Hundreds took part of the special seder Limud at the Agudah of Park Heights, L’iluy Nishmas Habochur Chaim Moshe Cohen Z’L.

Everyone was so eager to be part of this event. 

The 7:45 learning seder which was scheduled to take place in the upper Beis Medrash was jam packed way before the program started. Fathers, sons, Beis Medrash Bochurim and Baal Habatim, also filled the Main Bais Medrash, balcony, and the third floor Bais Medrash.  There was a roar of Kol Torah. Hundreds of Perakim of Mishnayus were learned. You could feel the special energy in the Bais Medrash!

Following the 45 minute seder, everyone was treated to refreshments. The evening was a great success and Kiddush Hashem

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