How Darchei Noam Montessori Got Into The Adar Spirit

By‭: ‬Avital Agrich and Bracha Bailey

The Darchei Noam Montessori classrooms were filled with the Adar spirit this month as we got ready for Purim‭. ‬The primary classes made their own hamantaschen and got to choose from different fillings‭. ‬In the boys division‭, ‬they counted how many times the word‭ ‬“מלך‭ ‬”appears in‭ ‬מגילת‭ ‬אסתר‭ . ‬They also created a colorful paper chain that reached one side of the building to the other side circling through each classroom connecting in the hallway‭.‬

The Upper Elementary Girls worked on pranking staff members‭ (‬harmlessly‭). ‬They bubble wrapped the front desk and individually wrapped up each pen and pencil‭. ‬They also filled Ms‭. ‬Jen‭, ‬the school counselor’s room with colorful streamers‭. ‬The Juniors prepared chocolatedrizzled popcorn for the Lower Elementary Girls to hand out to the‭ ‬entire school‭. ‬They put the popcorn into mini bags and put a colorful label on the front wishing everyone a wonderful Adar Sheini‭.‬

We had dress up day on the Tuesday before Purim and got to dance outside during recess‭. ‬Everyone enjoyed themselves and we all had a great Adar 5782‭.‬

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