Chayeinu Holds “This Is Us” Dinner for an Evening of Volunteer Connection and Appreciation

On Sunday, February 20th, Chayeinu’s Board of Directors and volunteers gathered for an event entitled “This Is Us”, an evening of volunteer connection and appreciation.  “Chayeinu includes many different groups of individuals doing incredible things,” explained Esti Ziffer, Chayeinu’s President. “Many volunteers who are integral to our organization may not have ever had a chance to meet each other, and tonight provided a great opportunity to put names to faces and for all of us to connect.”  

After a short meet-and-greet, the evening commenced with Mrs. Ziffer recounting Chayeinu’s origins and explaining how the organization has grown over the last few years.  Mrs. Ziffer highlighted the ways in which Chayeinu has pursued its mission – prevention through education and awareness – through various events, partnerships with community leadership and schools, curriculum development, and more.  The presentation included recorded video remarks from Dr. David Pelcovitz and Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, both of whom have previously spoken at Chayeinu functions.  Rabbi Dovid Heber then shared divrei bracha and chizuk with those assembled. Rabbi Heber elaborated on the importance of Chayeinu’s mission in protecting our community’s youth, emphasizing the need to help children appreciate their self-worth and allowing them to truly be happy with their real selves. “When you don’t appreciate the value of something,” said Rabbi Heber, “then you are more likely to fall to peer pressure.”

Yossi Oberstein, a member of Chayeinu’s Board of Directors and its Education Committee, then shared his personal story and the reasons why Chayeinu’s work is so important. Closing remarks by Shmais Weisbord profiled exciting new initiatives that Chayeinu has planned for 2022.

Chayeinu would like to thank Congregation Ner Tamid and Rabbi Yisrael Motzen for their support in providing the venue, and Shira Rosenblum of Chic Events by Shira for preparing a beautiful event. To find out more or to get involved with Chayeinu, visit or email

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