Rabbi Shmuel Silber & Family Join Former Baltimorean and TA Rebbi Rabbi Avraham Leventhal & Lema’an Achai and IDF Soldiers for Chanukah Celebration Near Gaza 

Rabbi Avraham Leventhal/Lema’an Achai

What a tremendous privilege to spend the 4th night of Chanuka with chayalim in a base camp and bring along my yedid, Rabbi Shmuel Silber, his family and Lema’an Achai volunteers and their families.

The Silber family visited with an artillery unit “bashetach” – not a base – literally group of soldiers living in the field just a few kilometers from Gaza. They had the zechus to participate in the hadlaka, sponsor dinner and a mesibah and send messages on artillery shells.

An incredible and holy group of precious neshamos. In addition to pizza, latkes, shoko and cookies, Lema’an Achai distributed thermal clothing, camelbacks, headlamps, protein bars, beef jerky and other essentials to these heroes in green. May our modern day Chashmonaim/Macabees witness a miraculous victory just as happened years ago.

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