Parshas Toldos

Rabbi Berel Wein The troubling question that has persisted throughout the ages of biblical commentary on this week’s parsha is: What is Yitzchak thinking with regard to giving the blessings and heritage of Avraham to Eisav? Basically, the comments and explanations fall into two categories. One of them is that Yitzchak is fooled by Eisav […]

Breaking Point

Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow The Chasam Sofer says that studying Seder Nezikin can save a person from coming to harm, both physical and financial. If someone, chas v’shalom, has a harsh heavenly decree against him, that decree can be fulfilled by just learning the laws of damages, instead of actually coming to harm. Studying Seder Nezikin […]

No Place Like Home

Allan Rolnick, CPA Generations ago, you only saw into your neighbor’s home if they invited you in for apple pie and dessert. Or maybe you were able to catch a glimpse of their den if they left their shades open after dark. But Zillow has changed all that. Now, you can tour the fanciest home […]