Yeshivas Ner Yisroel Dinner Celebrating 90 Years of Greatness

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Baruch Hashem this year’s 90th Dinner on the Yeshiva Campus was a tremendous success.  As part of the Yeshiva celebrating 90 Years, this year’s dinner celebrated the Rebbeim and Hanhalah of the Yeshiva.  Amidst an idyllic snowfall over a thousand guests spent the day on campus, learning in the beis medrash, hearing words of Torah and chizuk from their Rebbeim, reconnecting with chaveirim and most of all expressing hakoras hatov to their Rebbeim.  A special aspect of this year’s on campus dinner was the presence of the Beis Medrash talmidim.  The inspiration felt by the guests to campus at seeing a full Yeshiva Beis Medrash in all its glory was matched only by the excitement felt amongst the current talmidim at being able to witness the kavod haTorah and love for Ner Yisroel expressed by those who had previously called the Yeshiva home.

The day began with a Yarchei Kallah sponsored by the Friedman Family of Los Angeles, l’zecher nishmas R’ Yaakov Friedman, Yaakov ben Mordechai Eliyahu, an early alumnus and important supporter of the Yeshiva, in recognition of his 2nd yahrtzeit.   After a seder of learning in the beis medrash an in depth shiur on the sugya d’kallah was given by Harav Tzvi Berkowitz.  After davening Mincha together with the Yeshiva, Harav Beryl Weisbord spoke to guests and bochurim alike about the gadlus of the middah of hakoras hatov and how in our case in flows in two simultaneous directions – from talmidim to their Yeshiva and likewise from the Yeshiva towards its talmidim.  The early portion of the day concluded with two onegs where Yeshiva and Mechina rebbeim reminisced on their days in Yeshiva, their Rebbeim and their Roshei Yeshiva – looking back on “90 Years of Memories”.

The festivities then moved to the evening’s formal 90th Annual Dinner.  In order to accommodate having the dinner on campus the Yeshiva again went above and beyond to create an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere on campus.  Inside a large tent built for the dinner, guests enjoyed an evening of delicious cuisines provided by Mosi Treuhaft of Knish Shop Catering, amidst the backdrop of live music and singing from Shira Choir and eye-catching visuals from Eagle Production Co.  Special for this year was a private screening room where guests could sit and listen to a pre-recorded “Q and A” of the Rebbeim dealing with timely hashkafic topics.  Guests to this year’s dinner left with two special gifts: A limited edition sukkah poster featuring the past Roshei Yeshivah and Hanhalah of the Yeshiva as well as the newly printed sefer “Ner Lamoadim”.

From there close to 1500 people, guests side by side with current talmidim, joined together under yet another even larger tent for the program and video portion of the evening.  As guests took their seats, they were pleasantly surprised to hear the voice of acclaimed singer Motty Steinmetz, a surprise addition to the dinner program.  His presence added a special element to the celebration and created a moment of kavod haTorah perhaps unmatched at any previous dinner.  As the the Rosh Hayeshiva Harav Aharon Feldman, shlit”a, rose to speak the song Ki Orech Yamim began to play.  Lead by R’ Motty, all in attendance spontaneously rose to sing and dance together in honor of the Rosh Hayeshiva and his role as our link in the mesorah of Toras Moshe. In this, the presence of the yeshiva talmidim was felt tremendously as even after the music had stopped, they continued to sing and dance in a true expression of the love of talmidim for their Rebbe. 

The Rosh Hayeshiva went on to extol the unique virtues of Yeshivas Ner Yisroel and its singular place in the history of the building of Torah in America.  Harav Boruch Neuberger began by thanking the many alumni committees who worked tirelessly to make this year’s dinner campaign so successful. He gave updates on the plans for a new gym to be built as well as renovations to the dormitories. He concluded his remarks with the announcement that due partnership with a number of alumni the Yeshiva would be doubling the stipend of members of Kollel Avodas Levi and honored Reb Shimon Marciano with the gift of a kesser Torah for his leadership in this initiative.

Sadly this past year has seen the lose of two treasured Rebbeim, Harav Calman Weinreb zt”l and Harav Tzvi Willner zt”l.  While the loss of Harav Willner zt”l occurred too close to the dinner to allow for a proper mazkeres, a special tribute video was shown in honor of Harav Calman zt”l.

The program concluded with this year’s dinner video.  This year’s video featured singing from Simcha Leiner and focused on 90th Dinner celebrating the Rebbeim and Hanhalah of Yeshivas Ner Yisroel.  The dinner concluded with more music and song as former talmidim and current talmidim danced joyously together with their Rebbeim.  It was a fitting end to a day devoted to hakoras hatov, simchas haTorah and kavod haTorah – it was a fitting end to a day devoted to celebrating 90 Years of Greatness in Yeshivas Ner Yisroel.

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