Yeshivas Leil Purim

Rabbi Zvi Schwartz

Baltimore was zocheh to have a very special Purim event. Hundreds took part in the Yeshivas Leil Purim at Agudah of Park Heights, Liluy Nishmas Habochur Chaim Moshe Cohen Z’L.

Everyone was so eager to be part of this event. The 9:00 learning seder which was scheduled to take place in the upper Beis Medrash was jam packed way before the program started.

Fathers, sons, Mesivta Bochurim and Baal Habatim, filled the balcony and third floor of the Bais Medrash. There was a roar of Kol Torah. 

Boys were eligible to get one raffle ticket per Mishnah learned. These tickets would then be exchanged for cash raffles.  The winners will donate the prize to a Tzedakah of their choice. Thousands of Mishnayus were learned and tickets received!   You could feel the special energy in the Bais Medrash!

Following the 45 minute seder, everyone was treated to hot food, sushi, desserts and an ice cream bar. Along with the delicious food, there was live music and festive V’Nahapachu raffles for the fathers. Every boy received a Dougie’s gift card towards a lunch special for their participation. 

The evening was a great success and Kiddush Hashem. 

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