WITS Career Day 2023

On Sunday, November 19th, more than 115 women gathered at the Women’s Institute of Torah Seminary & College (WITS) for their highly anticipated annual Career Day. More than just a gathering of professionals and students, Career Day is a dynamic forum where young women gain exposure to diverse fields of work, gain knowledge to make informed decisions about their futures, and cultivate meaningful connections. 

The Career Day event is designed to provide a broad spectrum of opportunities for students to explore and showcases tried-and-true frum female-friendly career paths. Featuring 37 career options in fields including business, marketing, nursing/medicine, education, software engineering, psychology, dentistry, therapy and more, over 40 women from the Baltimore community and beyond generously gave of their time to share their experiences with the WITS students and local high school seniors, equipping them with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions for a successful future. 

“The reality of the world today is that most women do have to work outside the home and women do have to learn how to become expert jugglers in order to keep our families as our priority,” shared Rebbetzin Rosenbaum, WITS’ Menaheles, in her opening remarks. She continued with encouraging students to pursue career paths that not only provide a parnassa, but that will bring joy and fulfillment to their lives. “Yes, we need to think about flexibility, salary and working in a frum-friendly environment. But there are so many different opportunities out there. Pick something that you will love and enjoy, something that suits your personality and your strengths. There is no doubt, that if you are unhappy for even just a few hours a day, it is going to spill over and have a negative impact on your family.”

To emphasize the message of being successful in your work while prioritizing one’s identity as a frum woman, participants enjoyed an inspiring video presentation on the remarkable career of Rivka Ravitz, who served as the Chief of Staff for former Israeli president Reuven Rivlin. The presentation demonstrated the incredible impact a frum woman who stays true to her values can have in the world at large.

Before students broke off into breakout rooms for the panel discussions for each field, Dr. Klein, WITS’ Academic Dean, urged students to seize the opportunity presented by the day and actively engage with the incredible women at the event. “Remember that, even if someone is not working in your intended field, everyone here has valuable things to say about getting into graduate school, getting your first job, and succeeding in the workplace.”

Central to Career Day were the panel discussions featuring 46 accomplished professionals, many of whom were proud WITS alumnae. This ongoing commitment from WITS’ dedicated alumnae has consistently enriched the experience for current students, showcasing the enduring support and mentorship provided by the WITS community. Students were encouraged to move around between the panels to hear from as many panelists as possible sharing valuable insights and a realistic glimpse into the daily lives, challenges, and rewards as a frum woman in their respective fields.

The event concluded with a networking session which facilitated one-on-one interactions between students and panelists, creating a conducive environment for students to ask follow-up questions, seek personal guidance, and form connections with professionals that could potentially shape their future career paths.

Career Day was generously sponsored by the Schorr Family/Lev Bracha Philanthropic Fund, “in honor of the women who filter their career choices through a Torah lens.”

WITS is a premier post seminary program and college for young women in the Baltimore community and beyond. For more information about WITS, please visit www.wits.edu or call 410-358-3144.

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