Torah Institute’s Annual Siyum Hadoros

On Sunday, March 13th, Torah Institute held their annual Siyum Hadoros at Martins West. Well over 1000 sons, fathers, and grandfathers joined together to complete Shas Mishnayos in under an hour! The proud mothers and grandmothers also attended and heard Divrei Hisorerus from Rabbi Yechiel Spero while everyone was learning. The siyum was dedicated LZN the parents of Rabbi Shimon Hirsch, the menahel. Following the siyum, everyone joined together in celebration with dancing and a Kumzitz led by Rabbi Boruch Levine & Rabbi Shlomo Simcha. A full recap of this event will be posted shortly on In the meantime, please enjoy these videos of the dancing and Kumzitz, which hopefully capture the amazing ruach of the evening!

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