Torah Institute Gedolim Art Contest

Eliyahu Meir Hexter  | 7th Grade

As the school day is long, our General Studies Coordinator, Dr. Insel, has introduced various electives and enjoyable activities for boys to participate in. A few years ago, she initiated the annual art contest. This contest was conceptualized to give the boys a chance to shine,  in all areas of talent. This allows the boys’ talents and hobbies to be utilized in school, and fills them with a strong sense of pride.  Over the years, many boys have asked Dr. Insel to print out images of Gedolim to illustrate. She found this amazing, as the boys were not only driven by artistic talent, but rather by true love of the Gedolim. Five years ago, she launched the first Gedolim Art Contest, merely to see what response it would trigger. The results were astounding. Many boys entered into the contest, and the talent inherent in each picture was spectacular, surpassing Dr. Insel’s expectations. This is now a yearly contest. 

The Gedolim Art Contest is a wonderful initiative, which, similar to TI’s VEX® Robotics program, has now spread to the greater Baltimore community. The winners receive gift certificates to local establishments, as recognition of their hard work. The pictures below are those drawn by this year’s winners. This year’s winners were: Shlomo Shafran, Aryeh Mordechai Rothman, Moshe Kleiner, Yitzchak Feigenbaum,  Luzzy Goodman and Yossi Cohen.

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