Title: Believe & Achieve Basketball Highlights from Week 1 and 2.  Sponsored by BJH & BJL

What an amazing two weeks of Believe & Achieve Basketball (formerly called SBA)

We have 44 teams and over 350 kids playing basketball across three local gyms! Thank you to our volunteer coaches for your dedication and expertise. Thank you to our team sponsors who will be mentioned throughout. Check them out, they all have great businesses!

The Middos Award winners (each get a free scoop to ice cream and topping from Sprinkles)

(* if you would like to sponsor this award please email us basports32@gmail.com)

Week 1:

Yisrael Herman (2nd) on Clothier for giving up shots so other teammates can get the shot. 

Aryeh Parry (2nd) on Rentals Of Distinction for passing to someone who didn’t get so many shots. 

Sachi Levy (2nd) on Clothier for his great effort and attitude

Eli Sternman (3rd) on JTAP Tennis

Avi Lipoff (3rd) on  Clothier

Avi Parry (3rd) on Mamah Leahs encouraging his team to pass to a kid who didn’t get so many passes.

Benny Charnowitz (5th)  on Fired Up Promotions for his great attitude!

Binyamin Honeline (6th) on  Holy Smokes BBQ for subbing an extra shift for other players to play more.

Aaron Lansky (8th) on MDSC for his amazing  perseverance!         

Week 2:

Ben Grunhut (1st) on Lazar Real Estate for his amazing attitude

Alex Miller (2nd) on Clothier for staying positive the whole game

JJ Klein (3rd), on Fired Up, for pushing himself even when the game seemed out of reach

Shmuel Kosoy (4th), on Holy Smokes BBQ, for his super encouragement and positive attitude.

Yehuda Guttenberg (4th), on MDSC for encouraging a player from the other team to stay positive

Dovid Yaakov Twersky (5th) on Clothier for his great attitude.

Elisha Hirsch (5th), on Fired Up for his positive attitude.

Benyamin Khoshayev (5th) on Tov Pizza  for his great teamwork and attitude.

Reuven Newman (6th) on GB&I Jewelers for his leadership and great att

Aylee Zaslow (6th) on GB&I Jewelers for his positive talk and encouragement

Yehuda Abramowitz(8th) on MDSC for his great attitude

Yehuda Reches(8th) on Clothier for leading his team in rooting for each other and feeling good for someone else’s success.

Play of the Week Awards (each kid gets 2 free slices of pizza @ Tovs)

(* if you would like to sponsor this award please email us basports32@gmail.com)

Week 1:

Aaron Danziger (1st) on Sprinkles for his amazing layup!

Shalom Landa (2nd) on Rentals of Distinction for his game winning shot in regulation.

Josh Friedman (3rd) on Clothier for his deep “logo 3”

Issac Gutman (3rd) on Inkredible Kids for his step back swish.   

Nesanel Chernoff (6th) on Gabe & Reuben Jewelers for his game winning buzzer beater!

Week 2:

Zevi Frohlich (1st), on Clothier for his halved court shot!

Aharon Goldberger (1st), on Sprinkles for his switch and even more impressive celebration walk!

Tani Polsky (1st), on Sprinkles for his nice swish!

Yossi Gutow (2nd), on Clothier for not missing a shot, was on FIRE!

Akiva Polsky (3rd), on MDSC for his shot he drained while a guy was in his face.

Akiva Kaplan (4th), on Benz Cuts for his  play knifing through the defense. 

Menachem Sonnenblick (5th), on Tov Pizza, for his clutch free throw!

Yehuda Katz (6th), on Holy Smokes BBQ for his amazing drive to the hoop.

Simcha Gurvitz (7th), on MDSC for his many deep “3” in clutch time!

Avi Abramson (7th), on JTAP Tennis League for his block!

Yakov Landa (8th), on MDSC for his half court shot during the captains pregame challenge.

The Inkredible Comeback Kids Award! (sponsored by The Inkredible Kids Podcast)

Week 1:

Congratulations to: Orshan Legal Group (4th Grade). Despite trailing 16-6 at the half, Team Orshan Legal Group led by Mr. Orshan himself, believed in themselves, trusted their teammates and coach, and came back to win the game on a last second shot (22-20) They are all getting a free scoop of ice cream with a topping at Sprinkles! Great job kids!

Week 2: 

Congratulations to: MDSC (7th Grade). Down 10 points with under a minute to go, MDSC lead by Simcha Gervitz kept themselves in the game with great defense, second chance points, and knocking down big shot after big shot, some from super deep. Although they lost by two (MDSC – 60, JTAP Tennis League – 62) they got the Inkredible Comeback Kids award for believing in themselves even when the game seemed out of reach and being one shot away from tying the game with seconds to go. Way to go enjoy your ice cream party kids, you earned it!

Check out our wide array of sports classes, groups, one on one training, leagues, and birthday party games on our new website: www.basportsmd.com  Stay tuned for Week 3 and 4  highlights and awards!

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