Thriving and Expanding: Khal Chasidim of Baltimore Welcomes New Families and Opportunities

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Khal Chasidim of Baltimore is welcoming three new Chasidish families who have just moved to town to join the thriving Chasidish kehilla and its mosdos. More families are seriously considering moving in the near future, bez”h. Almost every week, one, two, or sometimes three families from NY-NJ come for Shabbos and are blown away by what they see. They are pleasantly surprised at how established and thriving the community is.

It’s no secret that housing prices in the Tri-state area have skyrocketed in recent years, making it almost impossible for average working families to buy a house. This has led many to explore alternative housing options. Several new settlements for Chasidish families have recently opened; some have been more successful than others.

At a recent ‘Baltimore Symposium’ event in Monsey, a sizable crowd eager to learn more about Baltimore filled the hall. Speakers, including the Rav of the Chasidish kehilla, Rabbi Amrom Jungreis, shlit”a, Rabbi Zvi Weiss, Rav of Bais Haknesses  Ohr HaChaim in Baltimore, and others, emphasized that Baltimore has been an established Yiddishe community for many years. It offers all the infrastructure a Yiddish kehilla needs: shuls, kollelim, yeshivos, mosdos, mikvaos, Hatzalah, Shomrim, Chaverim, all types of heimish stores, and much more. Despite all this, house prices are significantly lower than in any other established community. A beautiful presentation highlighted the many advantages Baltimore offers, encouraging even Chasidish families to consider moving here.

As Khal Chasidim of Baltimore enters its ninth year, b”H, it will for the first time have a Kitteh 7 in the cheder and a fourth grade in the girls’ elementary school, as well as a daycare filled to capacity. The cheder and school have, b”H, acquired an amazing reputation, with multiple families outside the Chasidish kehilla sending their children to join the wonderful mosdos. This has been described by Harav Aharon Feldman, shlita, Rosh Yeshiva of New Yisroel, as “another star in the constellation of the beautiful Mosdos Hatorah that we have in Baltimore.”

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