The Baltimore Community’s Technology Triumphs

Rebbetzin Sara Gross

Since the Nekadesh women’s event there has been a revolution of change in the world. Our hearts were touched, and our minds were made up. We would make the necessary changes to be in control of our technology use, and not have it control us. Everyone on his or her level can make the powerful choice to take control and limit their use. Whether that means canceling Instagram or a Netflix account, adding a time filter to restrict usage at certain times, or switching completely to a flip phone, all change impacts our lives, our families, and our community.

Baltimore is inspired. The stories of triumph over the magnetic pull of technology are rolling in. Waves of powerful change have swept through the homes of our community, and hints of clarity have shown themselves on all sides, in the form of “nods from Above” in small and big ways in our daily lives. On the pages of Baltimore Jewish Home, we will share information about technology as well as the triumphs and real stories of chizuk contributed by men, women, and children of our community and beyond. We hope to inspire and share the successes of a stronger community who chooses control over the greatest nisayon of our generation. May we inspire each other to take the steps to make lasting changes in our technology use. May we see a tremendous influx of bracha in our homes and city through our personal efforts. And may we see nachas from our children resulting from our strength in limiting ourselves and making a lasting impression on the next generation of Klal Yisroel.

As told to Tech Triumphs:
I was struggling with control over my smartphone use for many years. It was taking over my life and hindering my productivity. After much introspection and effort, I was ready to take the plunge and get rid of my smartphone to gain control of my choices and my time. I purchased a flip phone that has a touch screen option which makes texting simpler and slowly transitioned into using it as my main cell phone. With my choice, I finally found relief from the unending suction known as my smartphone, and gained the control of my life I was craving. My daughter had been dating for some time and Baruch Hashem, a shidduch, suggested that was the right one. They got engaged, and I was so thankful. Out of curiosity, I peeked back at the date of my flip phone order. It was two days before the chosson gave a “yes” to my daughter. I feel that Hashem saw my efforts and rewarded me immediately.

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