Teyera Lechtiga kinderlach

Submitted Anonymously:

To my dear children

my life my very own,

I am sitting to write you a letter

My feelings I want to become known.

Last night I attended an event

A kinus for women of every stripe,

As a time capsule I etch my takeaways

To share with you when the time is ripe.

To be part of something so huge

How awestriking is the notion,

Thousands of women gathering to grow

That alone provokes much emotion.

A common thread that was woven

Into every chushuva speech,

Was the impact of us, Yiddisha Mamas

How consequential is our reach.

Teyera kinderlach,

There is so much in my life

That I do for you alone,

In actions, words and thoughts

you children to build and to hone.

I take my kinderlach everywhere I go

You dominate my being in whatever I do,

I am channeling my hisoirerus to change

Kinderlach, I am doing it for you.

Take a glimpse on our illustrious past

From mothers of mesiras nefesh we hail,

In every generation’s turbulent storm

It was the yiddisha mama who manned the sails.

With her conviction to stand strong

She would sacrifice no matter how much,

It was she who guided her family through 

The links of our lineage thus remained untouched.

Now with pride I myself step up

To the battle, to fight real hard,

To fortify you kinderlach with my undertakings

I’m a yiddisha mama, I stand guard.

My home I reinforce

Walls of shemira I erect,

I strive to fill my G-d given role

To nourish, to stand watch and protect.

I adjust the sails of our ship

To navigate the stormy seas,

With a tefilla to the One Above

To be at my side in times like these.

Kinderlach, it is my hope that one day

I will watch you too take to sail,

Your very own homes to fortify with kedusha

May the holy yiddisha mama within you prevail.

May you grow up to be erlicha lechtiga yiddisha daughters,

May Hashem bless you to be like Sara, Rivka, Rachel and Leah.

With all my heart, 


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