Tech Triumphs

As told to Rebbetzin Sara Gross My daughter Leah was in high school and had a great group of friends. They were frum and fun, and all-around wonderful girls. Each girl had a flip phone and texting was the norm for them. I noticed that Leah was texting a lot. She was constantly in touch […]

TAG Baltimore Hosts the First Ever Kosher Tech Expo

On September 11th, TAG Baltimore arranged a Kosher Tech Expo and Filtering Event and it was a tremendous success. The Shaarei Zion hall was packed with people from the Baltimore community looking to live higher. Over 500 hundred men and women from the community came to the expo, hundreds installing filters on their devices, many […]

Not a Legacy Worth Passing Down

As told to Rebbetzin Sara Gross I struggled with my smartphone for many years. It was my “everything”. I knew it was too addictive to me to continue using, but I couldn’t imagine getting rid of it. Years went by and I tried to limit myself on and off with what I used my smartphone […]

Teyera Lechtiga kinderlach

Submitted Anonymously: To my dear children my life my very own, I am sitting to write you a letter My feelings I want to become known. Last night I attended an event A kinus for women of every stripe, As a time capsule I etch my takeaways To share with you when the time is […]

Baltimore Technology Triumphs

Real Estate Clients from the One Above Breaking into the real estate agent market in Baltimore was tricky. I worked hard to make the necessary marketing choices to promote my business. Slowly, but surely, I began to get clients. Several months ago, I started to feel uncomfortable with using Instagram as an advertising strategy. I […]

The Baltimore Community’s Technology Triumphs

Rebbetzin Sara Gross Since the Nekadesh women’s event there has been a revolution of change in the world. Our hearts were touched, and our minds were made up. We would make the necessary changes to be in control of our technology use, and not have it control us. Everyone on his or her level can […]