Stubbed Toes (Ki Sisa)

I think we can all agree that no one ever planned on stubbing their toe. It kind of just happened, at a really annoying moment. Ouch! In this week’s Torah Sparks podcast, we discuss a mysterious commentary from the Chizkuni (32:19) regarding Moshe Rabbeinu throwing the Luchos and smashing it to smithereens. What does this […]

Parshas Ki Sisa

Rabbi Berel Wein The sin of the Golden Calf remains one of the great mysteries in the story of the Jewish people throughout the ages‭. ‬Flooded with miracles on all sides‭, ‬unbelievably redeemed from Egyptian bondage‭, ‬and being sustained daily in a desert‭, ‬the Jewish people somehow revert to idolatry and paganism‭. ‬As illogical as […]