Dov Frankel, MD MSc FACEP

Tell us about yourself: I was born and raised in Montreal, and after learning in Yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael, I came to Ner Israel in Baltimore to continue my learning and pre med education. I always had a passion and desire to help people, and that is what led me to study medicine. In 2006, […]

Rabbi Raphael Schochet

BJH: I’m here today with Rabbi Raphael Schochet of Torah Institute of Baltimore, or “TI” as we all know it. Rabbi Shochet, welcome to the interview! R’ Shochet:  Great to be here! BJH: OK, let’s get right to it.  I understand you moved to Baltimore recently, is that correct? R’ Shochet:  Yes, I had the […]

Mrs. Tzini Friedman, Program Coordinator, AIM

Tell us about yourself: I grew up in Brooklyn and my husband is from Baltimore. I moved here when we got married. For most of my married life I was a stay-at-home mother, but a few months ago I took on a role as the program coordinator of a new organization in town called AIM, […]

613 seconds with Adina Moskowitz

Owner of Hair Styling by Adina LLC and creator of The Hair Club Tell us about yourself:I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and my husband grew up in Detroit, MI, but was learning in yeshiva and in college here when we met. I have always noticed that Baltimore has a unique אחדות that I have […]

Rabbi YB Beren and Rabbi Ezra Baldinger– Co-directors, Reyus

BJH: Rabbi Beren and Rabbi Baldinger, it is so nice to meet both of you. R. Beren: Same here! R. Baldinger: The pleasure is all ours. BJH: OK, let’s get down to business, what is bullying?  R. Beren: The main characteristic of bullying is when one child/children use power to hurt another child. BJH: What […]

Rabbi Yona Yaakov Lapidus

BJH: Rabbi Lapidus, you are young to be such a successful Menahel of a new, vibrant, growing Mesivta. I have been told that you possess the unique qualities of exuding stern authority, and yet, at the same time, you are exceptionally warm and approachable. A Shaarei Chaim parent said that the students revere, yet adore […]

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Goldberger

Anyone coming into Tiferes Yisroel will appreciate the feeling of warmth, friendship, and belonging in the kehillah. How have you fostered that feeling? Rebbetzin Goldberger: I think that feeling flows down from Rabbi Goldberger, whose approach to all people is one of genuine respect. It is a special kind of respect that is built upon respecting the integrity of […]

613 Seconds with Rebbetzin Ettie Rosenbaum

What inspired you to start WITS? It started with a need in the community for a local seminary option for young women. It was 1996, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Itzkowitz approached the Rosh Hayeshiva, Rav Yaakov Weinberg זצ”ל, with the idea of starting a seminary in Baltimore. Rav Weinberg agreed that creating a seminary in […]

613 Seconds With Mrs. Chana Eichorn

613 Seconds With Mrs. Chana Eichorn I moved to Baltimore approximately 13 years ago when my husband started working for a DC-based law firm, Ifrah Law.  Prior to moving to Baltimore I taught 8th grade in Brooklyn, and, since our move here I’ve been teaching 8th grade Limudei Kodesh in Bais Yaakov.  The field of […]