TAG Baltimore Hosts the First Ever Kosher Tech Expo

On September 11th, TAG Baltimore arranged a Kosher Tech Expo and Filtering Event and it was a tremendous success. The Shaarei Zion hall was packed with people from the Baltimore community looking to live higher. Over 500 hundred men and women from the community came to the expo, hundreds installing filters on their devices, many more having comprehensive consultations to better understand their devices and the available resources, and others purchasing kosher music devices and taking home inspirational resources. Many organizations and chizuk programs offered resources on how to connect with likeminded individuals and receive continued inspiration in the struggle to balance our hashkafos with our use of technology in the 21st Century.

From 11 am to 10 pm there was an unending stream of visitors, including members of each Shul and corner of town, walking through the door, to learn how to better control their use of technology. Each person’s needs are unique and specific to their life and job, but we all have the same goal, to make sure that we control our technology and not vice versa. The dedicated TAG volunteers filtered over 220 devices (nearly as many devices as get filtered in two months)! 

There were several vendors from New York and New Jersey who participated in the expo. SafeCell, who sold kosher smartphones and flip phones, gave advice and assistance to a constant crowd of customers. Greentouch Kosher Devices, a popular vendor selling high quality kosher MP3 devices had an array of options for great prices and significant discounts. Techloq, another vendor, debuted their top-of-the-line filtering system for computers that is a true asset to the world of filtering. SafeTelecom, a kosher smartphone vendor, showcased an innovative option of a high-end smartphone device with hundreds of safe, useful apps and no browser. YeshivaNet came to share their technology as well, providing email options without browsers, helping families get only what they need without regular internet. KPhones613, our own Baltimore flip phone vendor showcased his products as well, offering a local option for customers. The vendors and TAG NY and NJ staff who came were blown away by the crowds and the genuine ratzon to live higher by every person they met!

The Baltimore kehilla brought tremendous kavod shamayim at this monumental event during the month of Elul. We hope and pray that the kiddush Hashem and united communal goals at this expo be a zechus for Baltimore and bring yeshuos and refuos to Klal Yisroel and the Geula very soon. 

Congratulations to Rabbi and Mrs. Naftoli Hexter on winning the Kosher Tech Expo raffle! 

Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers and event sponsors who made the Kosher Tech Expo such a success!

TAG Baltimore is available to help with all of your technology needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out to them at 410-449-1824 or email help@tagbaltimore.org. The office is open five nights a week, please visit tagbaltimore.org to schedule an appointment.

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