STAR-K Shows Its Appreciation for Baltimore County Police Department’s 4th Precinct

STAR-K/Margie Pensak

Baltimore, MD – Jan. 12, 2024 – All too often, our courageous, selfless men (and women!) in blue endure a “bad wrap”. That’s why STAR-K Kosher Certification reached out to their Pikesville neighbors, Baltimore County Police Department’s (BCoPD’s) 4th precinct, to offer them lunch as a gesture of appreciation for all they do for our community.

Armed with nothing but assorted Knish Shop wraps for 100 officers – and a framed letter of gratitude – I accompanied STAR-K President Dr. Pollak, STAR-K Vice President Pesi Herskovitz, and Kashrus Administrators Rabbi Sholom Tendler and Rabbi Zvi Goldberg across Slade Avenue yesterday.

“We felt it was time for Captain Bylen and her BCoPD officers to get a good wrap…. literally!”, explains Dr. Pollak.

When we arrived at the planned meeting time, much to our surprise, we learned that Captain Bylen was out at a meeting and the officers had run off to check out a bomb threat. Officer Borowski was left holding down the fort.

L-R: STAR-K President Dr. Avrom Pollak, STAR-K Kashrus Administrator Rabbi Zvi Goldberg, Officer Borowski, STAR-K Vice President Pesi Herskovitz, and STAR-K Kashrus Administrator Sholom Tendler

STAR-K’s letter of appreciation to Captain Bylen and 4th Precinct’s officers and staff 

Later that day, Captain Bylen sent STAR-K this apologetic email:

Good afternoon,

Thank you so much for the delivery of wraps today for the Pikesville Precinct. I sincerely apologize that I was not here to accept them and speak with you. As I am sure you have heard, several of our officers were involved in a critical incident at the BP this week. Following that, we have been unexpectedly diverted in many directions.

Thank you again so much for your support. It means so much to all of us, especially this week.

Captain Bylen

In response, Rabbi Tendler wrote:

Good afternoon,

Our pleasure! We certainly realize (we saw and heard from our offices) that this has been a difficult week for you, and it makes our appreciation all that much deeper.

Thank you again for all that you do to keep us all safe.

May God bless all of you.

Rabbi Sholom Tendler

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