Siyum on Sota at Mercaz Torah U’Tefillah

Mercaz Torah U’Tefillah hosted a Siyum on Maseches Sota that took place on Wednesday night, May 17th, in their Bais Medrash. A delicious seudah was served with a high level of class that has become the standard at all Mercaz siyumim! The Rav delivered Divrei Pesicha, followed by the keynote drasha from R’ Noam Shiman, and the Siyum by new Magid Shiur, R’ Yaakov Zuber. Mercaz Daf Yomi of Mercaz Torah U’Tefillah hosts 17 daily Daf Yomi shiurim, strategically timed throughout the day to meet your busy schedule. The morning slew of shiurim complements the new Mercaz minyan schedule, featuring Shacharis every 15 minutes until 10:00am daily. 

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