Siyum Celebration of JEWELS TA Satellite Class

The JEWELS TA Satellite class reached another amazing milestone. The boys completed their third perek in Lech Lecha. Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer, Rav of the Shearith Israel Congregation came to farher the boys. Some of the boys could read and translate all of the pesukim, and others mastered half of the pesukim. All of the boys were able to answer questions, and discuss the pesukim with Rabbi Hopfer. The Rav was most impressed!

At the end of November a new partnership began between the 8th grade talmidim at TA, and the JEWELS boys. Each day a group of TA talmidim come to the JEWELS classroom and learn b’chavrusa with the JEWELS talmidim, practicing keriah, and doing Chumash chazarah. This has been a wildly successful program, and everyone involved has gained tremendously from the experience. Rabbi Hopfer watched the chavrusa learning before he began the farher, and the Rav was impressed by the way the classroom transformed into a small Beis HaMidrash with a sweet kol Torah! A big thank you goes to The Administration of TA for hosting and fostering this project, and to Rabbi Mordechai Abrahams, the TA Satellite class Rebbi, for always going above and beyond to ensure the best for his talmidim!

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