Rebbetzin Leah Trenk Speech

Hundreds of women filed into Shomrei Emunah to hear the inspirational words of Rebbetzin Leah Trenk, the wife of venerated מחנך educator, Rabbi Dovid Trenk ZT’L. Rabbi Y. Besser whose very popular biography about Rabbi Trenk “Just Love Them”, is a compilation of stories that demonstrate the powerful influence of love and positivity. With his total acceptance of students whom many yeshivahs rejected, Rabbi Trenk was able to turn the trajectory of these students around. As a partner in his mission, Rebbetzin Trenk, a world-renown parenting counselor and mentor, shared part of her husband’s narrative and lessons. She turned to the audience for questions where she shared her wisdom on parenting nurturing relationships with even the most difficult people.

One of the funny and entertaining stories that Rebbetzin Trenk shared was her great reluctance to become a Torah mentor.  When she was finally corralled into becoming one, it was one of her most inspiring experiences. Although she and her partner seemed to come from two vastly different worlds they found much commonality as the years passed— 15 years and counting!

In the words of Mrs. Sherry Berlin one of the attendees “ I loved just listening to Rebbetzin Trenk speak with her calmness of spirit and love of all human beings….Look at the makeup of the audience: from left to right, young to old, and everything in between.  That alone was awe inspiring.  It’s called unity and that’s what Hashem wants from us.  Across all spectrums, we should be at shalom with each other. Very few speakers can attract people from all parts of the community as I witnessed tonight.  No wonder people from every segment of the community showed up.”

Torah Together who had the privilege of bringing in Rebbetzin Trenk, shares her mission of love by bringing people together through Torah study. One of its offerings is a chavrusah-based program in which a carefully selected personal Torah partner is matched to meet the study needs of another.

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