Rabbi Shmuel Silber, Rabbi of Suburban Orthodox Torahs Chaim and Dean of Yeshivas Mekor Chaim

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My wife Aviva and I are originally from NY/NJ. We feel fortunate to have lived and raised our children in Baltimore for almost 20 years. B”H, I have the privilege to be the rav of Suburban Orthodox congregation, a vibrant, beautiful, and growing Kehilla with incredible kedusha and beautiful diversity. This past September, I assumed the role of Dean at YMC.

2. What is unique about Yeshivas Mekor Chaim (YMC)?

At YMC we strive to provide a meaningful yeshiva experience to prepare boys for success in contemporary society. How do accomplish this? We offer skill based shiurim so that our students can learn how to learn while developing an appreciation of Torah. Our Menahel, Rabbi Uri Grosberg is dedicated to the success of each and every boy. Our rebbeim are committed to the success of their students. Our teachers are constantly innovating to meet the needs of our talmidim. Our general studies classes are designed to not only satisfy requirements but to broaden the knowledge base, provide meaningful life skills and prepare our students for college. Our highly skilled teachers create an atmosphere of excitement and thirst for knowledge. We have an organized athletics program led by Coach Chaim Katz. The athletics program allows the boys a healthy outlet and builds comradery and important life-skills. All of these components add up to an educational experience filled with personal growth, ruchnius, and academic accomplishments and results in a meaningful, relevant, and enriching high school experience.  

3. What is your vision for the school? What excites you most about your work?

Our vision is to create a makom Torah where young men come to grow and work on themselves. Education is not an end, it is a means to personalistic refinement and advancement. I want our boys to love and live Torah. I want them to feel a sense of excitement and joy when they open their Gemara and other seforim. I want them to view halacha and Judaic responsibility as something which enhances their lives and not chas v’shalom as a burden. I want to them to become baalei achrayus, living life with a sense of responsibility for their own success and as well as a sense of commitment to community and Am Yisroel. I want our boys to develop into Baalei Chessed looking out for the needs and welfare of others. We want YMC to be place where relationships are created. The rebbe/talmid relationship is truly pivotal in a young man’s development.  We want to encourage and nurture this bond as it can be a source of strength and inspiration for many years to come. We want our students to feel loved, appreciated and we feel it is our sacred task to help them discover their kochos and become the best version of themselves. While all of these are beautiful, aspirational ideas, these goals find expression in the rebbeim and teachers we hire, the curriculum we put in place and the environment we are striving to create both in and out of school.

4. Why did you decide to take on the role of Dean for YMC?

Our community is blessed with many wonderful yeshivos and day schools. Our greater community is growing and diversifying – there is no one size fits all in education. We are creating something holy and unique. A yeshiva built upon the age-old values of Torah and Halacha, yet at the same time willing to engage and prepare our talmidim for life in the world.  Like any new school, YMC has matured as an institution over the past few years and was looking to solidify their derechhashkofos and approach to chinuch. When the opportunity to help shape this type of school for our community was presented to me, I could not turn it down. I know in my neshoma that our community needs a yeshiva like YMC.

5. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

YMC is still in its organizational infancy. We have just entered our fourth year and are getting ready to graduate our inaugural 12th grade. We are confident that all of our graduating seniors will IY”H go on to learn in yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel and are ready to succeed in their spiritual journey armed with their YMC chinuch. People often ask, “What type of student are you looking for?” The answer is simple, one with motivation. All we ask is that out students walk into our sacred yeshiva with a desire to learn and grow. We will help them get to where they need to get to. I feel privileged to work with Rabbi Grosberg, the administrative team, the amazingly talented rebbeim and teachers and am confident that with a heaping dose of siyata d’Shmaya we will be successful. To learn more about YMC, please contact: office@yeshivasmekorchaim.org

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