Rabbi Schlomo Bochner, Founder of Bonei Olam

Please tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I am a Bobover Chassid who lives in Boro Park with my wife Chani. I have worked in the garment industry for decades as both a designer as well as a buyer. In 1979 my wife and I got married, with the same dreams of every young couple – having a large family, the noise, the laughter, and the action. For years, we tried everything medically to try to have children, leaving no stone unturned, but after 20 years of trying our doctor, told us we should come to accept that our journey to try to have a child had come to an end. On the car ride home my wife said to me, “Shlomo, Hashem said no but we will respond with a resounding YES!”

How and when did Bonei Olam start?

Bonei Olam, was started nearly 24 years ago after my wife and I had gone to Europe with a few other couples on a consultation trip to see top fertility specialists. In addition to the extraordinary cost of these appointments, we were told to bring along some extra cash in the event unexpected costs arose. One of the couples on the trip was told that they had a high chance of success if they attempted an extremely expensive treatment. The couple didn’t have extra cash for the expensive medication that would be needed in addition to the cost of the treatment. When my wife heard this she said to me, “Our fate is still up in the air but this couple has a real chance. Let’s give them our extra money.” We gave them the money and the treatment succeeded for this couple. We realized the lack of funds was stopping many couples from having children.  When we realized our journey had ended, at my wife’s urging, we started Bonei Olam, an organization with the goal of assisting couples financially to help finance the exorbitant costs of modern fertility treatments. Today, Bonei Olam has grown and offers so much more than just financial assistance but the financial aspect is what pushed us to start the organization. And with tremendous Siyata D’shmaya over 10,000 babies have been born with the assistance of Bonei Olam.

What an amazing story of selflessness. Can you tell us what services your organization provides?

B”H Bonei Olam has had tremendous growth! Our services include: Confidential Counseling, Professional Counseling, Financial Grants, Fertility Drugs, Insurance Support, Pregnancy Support, Fertility Research, Genetic Research, Fertility Preservation, Bonei Olam without Borders as well as some amazing programs we have developed over the past 12 months.

What are these new initiatives that Bonei Olam has developed?

We have many new programs that we are very proud of and excited to share with the Baltimore community!

We had the first frum uterine transplant surgery yielding BH a healthy baby this year! Currently there are multiple patients waiting for this same procedure which costs at least $250,000.

We have just launched a program to help single women preserve their fertility called, Your World Tomorrow, (www.yourworldtomorrow.org) which assists single women with egg retrieval.

We have started Kesher (www.koshernetworks.org), Kesher assists singles looking to get married with unique circumstances, be it physical, genetic, medical or emotional. Bonei Olam hosts a database of Jewish singles with specific concerns and they harness their power of extensive medical knowledge to deal with the most complex issues in shidduchim.

We have built a lab in Boro Park as well as a lab that’s in the development stages in Lakewood

And to mention, Ohel Sarala (www.ohelsarala.org), that’s an initiative that’s older than 12 months but still worthy to mention, Ohel Sarala partners women looking for a shidduch with a couple longing to become parents.  Rav Shteinman explained the mesiras nefesh of caring for someone else’s pain, is so valued that it storms the Heavens, and B”H we have seen results not to be believed.

Wow! These new initiatives really cover so many different aspects of how infertility can affect a person! If a couple in Baltimore needs Bonei Olam services what should they do?

Please reach out to us at 443-839-0784 and baltimore@boneiolam.org, www.boneiolam.org/baltimore 

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers? Bonei Olam was started with the mission of a couple should not be turned away from having a child due to financial constraints. On November 6th-8th, 2022 Bonei Olam Baltimore will be having its annual campaign to help raise much needed funds for Baltimore couples. Please open your hearts and help Bonei Olam continue its mission of answering yes to every couple waiting. BH to date Bonei Olam is celebrating 10,453 babi

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