Yaacov Singer

TEAMADI Coordinator 

In the heart of Maryland, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge stands as an iconic symbol of connection, spanning the majestic Chesapeake Bay and linking the eastern and western shores of this beautiful state. Once a year, this engineering marvel transforms into a beacon of commitment and unity as more than 20,000 participants gather for an annual 10-kilometer run.

This past Sunday, more than 65 participants run the 10-kilometer race in support of imadi, committed to raising awareness for the new organization and the important work that they’re doing in the community. 

Founded in 2021, imadi – from the Hebrew word for “with me” – is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create an empowered network of support for families facing a complex pediatric health diagnosis. In less than two years, they have grown to support nearly 140 families, are actively engaging  more than 200 high school student volunteers, and offer a wide-range of multi-disciplinary programming that address the myriad of stressors facing families coping with a child who has a life-threatening or lifelong medical condition.

On a brisk Sunday morning in November at 5:00 AM it was admittedly quite frigid, but there was a fire in our hearts as we huddled together at the Starting Line, ready to show the world how much we care about imadi and believe in their ability to change the landscape of pediatric illness. 

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Run, stretching over 6 miles with its towering structures and panoramic views of the bay, offers an awe-inspiring backdrop for participants and spectators alike. Running across this engineering marvel is not just a physical challenge but a symbolic journey, reflecting the ups and downs and instability often experienced by families dealing with pediatric health diagnoses. And, like the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, imadi stands as a beacon of stability, hope, and connection for their families. 

John Donne once wrote that “no man is an island, entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” The Chesapeake Bay Bridge – at least for me – represented that idea. No imadi family is on an island, and no one is alone. Our organization – imadi – is the bridge that connects us to the main.

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