Ner Israel’s 89th Annual Dinner an Evening of Celebration a Huge Success 

BJLife Newsroom

Baruch Hashem this year’s 89th Annual Dinner was a tremendous success, as together we celebrated the Torah, Chesed and Greatness of the Persian community. The day began with a Yarchei Kallah on the yeshiva campus where alumni and guests spent time hearing words of Torah from their Rebbeim and reconnecting with chaveirim. The festivities then moved downtown to the Baltimore Renaissance Harborplace Hotel. Guests enjoyed an evening of delicious cuisines amidst the backdrop of live music and singing from Shira Choir and eye catching visuals from Eagle Production Co. It was truly moving to see so many Persian talmidim, past and present, coming together from across the country to recount and celebrate the Yeshiva’s role in the rescue of Persian Jewry. It was an evening of Hakoras Hatov to the Roshei Yeshiva and Hanhala for all that they did for the Persian Talmidim of Ner Yisroel and in recognition of all that those Talmidim have accomplished in communities across the globe.

Photo credit: Jeff Cohen

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