Mrs. Tzini Friedman, Program Coordinator, AIM

Tell us about yourself:

I grew up in Brooklyn and my husband is from Baltimore. I moved here when we got married. For most of my married life I was a stay-at-home mother, but a few months ago I took on a role as the program coordinator of a new organization in town called AIM, which stands for Association of Infants and Mothers- drawing from the word אם (mother). 

What exactly is the AIM organization:
AIM was established to help mothers and their families after the birth of a new baby, by providing meals, cleaning help, helping hands and other services. AIM also pampers the new mother by having a special lunch and baby gift personally delivered by an AIM representative.

That sounds amazing. Why did you decide to get involved with AIM:

The first time I heard about AIM was back in September, and I thought it was such a beautiful concept. I was looking to do something which would be meaningful and helpful to the community, and this was a perfect opportunity.

What has been the response so far from families who have been helped:

The feedback is overwhelmingly positive, as you can imagine. I get so many comments about mothers feeling that they can get back to themselves so much faster after birth because they can focus on themselves and their family rather than having to worry about meals, cleaning, homework and bedtime. 

Beyond the actual benefits of the services provided, I hear from mothers about how just the mere fact that they are thought of makes such a difference. To quote one mother:
“I really needed a pick me up that week and it just meant the world that someone outside my home was thinking about me”.

Husbands too, are so appreciative that their wives can relax and recuperate. At the same time, it lightens the load that may fall on the husband during this time, allowing him to focus on his regular role within the family.

The kids within the family are also major beneficiaries, as this program aids in maintaining a semblance of stability during what can be an extremely hectic time within the home. They love the catered meals and the extra attention they receive from the volunteers!

Give us some stats about AIM’s impact:

AIM launched quietly at the end of 2021, and in the first year we helped around 100 families. As the awareness of the organization is increasing around the community, we are experiencing exponential growth. We are only a few months into our 2nd year in operation and have already helped close to 250 families. This translates into around 3000 hours of cleaning help provided so far, and close to 4000 warm and nutritious meals delivered!

I imagine with so many families being serviced, you’re not handling all of this yourself. How do you get meals or any other services to the families?

There are many moving parts to the AIM organization, but a lot is done by a growing network of selfless volunteers who are dedicated to the AIM mission. Volunteer opportunities currently include organizing the weekday or Shabbos meal packages, delivering meals, and transportation for the high school girls who provide the helping hands. I will mention that we need many more volunteers as the reach of AIM grows, so please get involved if you can by signing up at 

This all must cost a lot of money. How is AIM funded:
AIM relies on the support of generous community members. There have been a few individuals who generously provided funding to get AIM started, but of course as our reach grows the expenses to run the organization grow along with it. To that end, we are preparing for the inaugural annual “AIM Event” coming up right after Shavuos, which will include a gala Chinese Auction to help fund the organization. So save the date – June 6th – for what promises to be an exciting and entertaining evening! Stay tuned for more details.

How can someone register for AIM services or otherwise get involved:
If you’re a mother after birth and would like to register for AIM services, please visit our site at It’s important to note that services are offered whether a healthy baby was born, or C”V there’s been a stillborn.
In terms of getting involved, there are many ways to help and get involved with AIM. If you want to learn more about the organization or get involved in some way, please head over to
Helping mothers after birth is helping families and laying a foundation for raising happy and healthy generations of Klal Yisroel!

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