Mercaz Torah U’Tefillah Night Seder Program for Middle School Boys

Mercaz Torah U’Tefillah hosts a Night Seder program for Middle School boys from across the community, 3 nights a week. Now in its 5th year, the program is lead by Rabbi Michoel Berkowitz of TA and Rabbi Dovid Naiman of TI. 

The goal of the program is to create a framework for boys to review the Gemara they are learning in school. Many boys cannot learn with their fathers on a regular basis for various reasons, and even those fathers who have the time and are capable of learning often find it challenging to review the Gemara with their sons because they may not be holding in the Sugya and don’t know how the Rebbe explained it in class. This program brings the boys together to learn with a Chavrusa, and the Rebbeim are available to talk in learning and answer any questions. 

B”H the program has been wildly successful, with hundreds of boys benefiting from it since its inception. The effectiveness of this approach has been demonstrated by the feedback received which indicates boys’ grades have improved as a result of the program, and the boys carry a sense of price in their learning accomplishments. It is wonderful to see how this pioneering program has been brought to other Shuls in town, servicing even more boys in our growing community!

 An added benefit of the program is how it promotes Achdus by bringing together boys from different schools. As the oldest class of Yeshivas Toras Simcha is already in Middle School, you can now find boys from TA, TI and YTS learning together all under one roof. 

Photo Credits: Rabbi Elchanan Ciment

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