Mercaz Daf Yomi’s Siyum on Meseches Gittin with a Moroccan Twist

BJLife Newsroom

Mercaz Daf Yomi, the Mercaz Torah U’Tefillah Daf Yomi program, which features over 15 daily Shiurim and hundreds of daily participants, held their siyum on Meseches Gittin on Monday evening. The siyum program featured Divrei Hisorerus from the Rav, Harav Yissochor Dov Eichenstein, followed by a keynote speech from a Daf Yomi regular, Dr. Moshe Stutman.

The siyum was made by R’ Asher Sondhelm, one of the Magidei Shiur. The theme of the siyum was “Morocco,” a prelude to the announcement made at the siyum about the upcoming Kehillah’s trip in November to Morocco to celebrate the siyum on Seder Nashim! Delicious Moroccan food was served, catered by Knish Shop, and Baltimorean performer Eli Atias entertained with Sephardic niggunim.

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