Meet and Greet With Dan Cox – Gubernatorial Candidate 

By Ariel Levy

On October 20th, Dan Cox, Republican Nominee for Maryland Governor was invited to Goldberg’s Bagels in Pikesville to meet Baltimore City and County residents. The room was filled with Baltimoreans from all walks of life. It was a packed house.

Dan Cox addressed a diverse array of important issues: rampant inflation, crime, anti-semitism and medical freedom. After painting his vision for Maryland’s future, he took many questions from the audience. In the Q & A period, Dan continually hammered home that he is pro-liberty, pro the Maryland Constitution, anti-mandates and anti-shutdowns.

The meeting took place on the same day the CDC advisory committee added the Covid vaccine to immunization schedules for children ages 6 months and older as well as adults. Dan Cox said, “I will never use my power as Governor to coerce parents to give their children a Covid vaccine. If you want your child to be vaccinated, you can have your child vaccinated. If you do not want your child vaccinated, you do not have to have your child vaccinated.” 

Ruth Goetz, the republican nominee for State Senate District 11 organized the successful event. Other nominees in attendance were Jim Amos, the republican nominee for the Baltimore County County Council District 2, Patty Fallon the republican nominee for Delegate District 10 and Rebecca Chesner, candidate for the Baltimore County School Board, District 2.

The meeting was full of positive energy and excitement in support of Dan Cox. After the meeting attendees expressed, “Dan is a man who practices what he preaches”, “I can’t believe he has ten children”, “Dan was really down to earth”, “Dan will make a great Governor”.  

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