Letter from Kehilas Bais Dovid of Summit Park Announcing the Appointment of the Dynamic Rabbi Shlomo Weiss as Mara D’ Asra

Yonah Pollack / Public Communications Liaison: Bais Medrash of Summit Park, Bais David

I am both humbled and honored by the opportunity to represent Kehillas Beis David through this communique, but more importantly, I am optimistic about our future with the path ahead brightly lit, and a Rav to guide us as we blaze new trails.

The process of selecting a leader, especially a spiritual one, is a profound and extensive undertaking. It was an arduous journey searching through the many quality candidates that were available, and the need for an interim Rav became clear. Rabbi Shlomo Weiss answered the tzibbur’s call, stepping in where needed, truly exemplifying במקום שאין אנשים השתדל להיות אישan early indication that we had found the gem were so desperately seeking. Now, as we approach the Yomim Noraim, the excitement amongst our board, our members, and the entire community is palpable as we are proud to announce the installation of Rabbi Shlomo Weiss as the Mara D’asra of Bais Medrash of Summit Park, Kehillas Bais David.

Words can hardly express the profound influence Rabbi Weiss has already had in the short time since he assumed his role as interim Rav. From the first shabbos, he showed us that as long as he was the Rav, whether it would be a week, a year, or for the foreseeable future, he would be there in his fullest capacity, whatever it would take. It immediately became obvious that his dedication to our tzibbur was extraordinary and unyielding, despite his status as interim Rav. While his vibrant energy, caring nature, and warm smile permeated the shul, his insightful stories, enlightening shiurim, and impactful drashos, have heightened our spiritual awareness. It didn’t take long for us to see the incredible blessing that Hashem has bestowed upon us.

When several of his former high school students heard that Rabbi Weiss was leading our shul, they eagerly joined our minyan, during bein hazmanim, a testament to the connections he has nurtured beyond the classroom.  This long-term devotion to his talmidim, in which he fosters deep personal relationships, maintaining bonds that endure the test of time, is exemplary. This unique quality is one we are excited he will bring to his role of leading our Kehilla of many young men and women that need a Rav, in whom they can trust for long-lasting guidance. Rabbi Weiss is a Talmid Chacham and a role model worthy of לדבקה בה , clinging to, modeling and emulating.

For the past 15 years, Rabbi Weiss has dedicated himself to serving as Assistant Rabbi at Kehilath B’nai Torah, led by Rabbi Jonathan Aryeh Seidemann, while Mrs. Weiss has played an integral role in directing its dynamic N’shei programming. Their joint service and dedication to Rabbi Seidemann’s shul has had a profound impact on that kehilla. Of particular significance is the quality time Rabbi Weiss spent alongside an experienced and well-respected Rav as Rabbi Seidemann, which has equipped him with invaluable insights and skills that many new Rabbanim can only aspire to possess. Together, Rabbi and Mrs. Weiss have proven themselves to be tremendous leaders and assets to the shul.

Through his speeches, actions and conduct, the Rav has shown us his commitment to his Mesorah. Whether it’s the Torah and Derech HaChaim he received in his years at Ner Yisroel, or the real-life experience drawn from his deep connection with Rabbi Seidemann, his guidance stems from Torah and community leaders, past and present, linking us to the chain of Torah and tradition stemming from Har Sinai. As a Kehilla of B’nai Aliyah, could we have asked for a more fitting leader to keep us rooted, focused, and true to the Torah way of life?

Our community, in general, is very blessed that Rabbi Weiss will be maintaining his very important and vital position as a beloved twelfth grade Rebbi in TA. We, as a shul, recognize that his position as a mechanach in such an important Mosad of Torah in our community is to the benefit of all.

Our shul, Bais Medrash of Summit Park, Kehillas Bais David, has undergone remarkable growth in only a few short years. Significant efforts by dedicated lay leaders have smoothly transitioned it from its humble beginnings as an ad-hoc basement minyan, eventually bolstered by the realities of COVID, into its new home. The large, beautiful house that we now call home marks the evolution from a small “shtiebel” into a vibrant and expansive Shul, a testament to those leaders. Through all the growth and change, our goals have remained consistent, to cherish everyone’s uniqueness, personality, and strengths to foster spiritual growth and achdus, while always remaining mindful of the distinct challenges we each face. Rather than surviving by ignoring our differences, the shul’s aim has been to embrace them, channeling the strength in diversity. 

The emphasis on our shared spiritual journey, despite our diverse backgrounds, has been a driving force behind our unprecedented growth. However, even the most cohesive group requires a guiding leader. Since every individual has their perspective on what a Rav should embody and represent, accommodating all these ideas is impossible. Yet, all agree that at its core, a Rav must connect with and understand his Kehilla, knowing how to lead by example, while encouraging personal growth at everyone’s own pace. Rabbi Weiss excels in this aspect, expertly advising on personal, interpersonal, family, and spiritual, and even business matters, all while upholding paramount Torah values and virtues.

Finding such a fitting leader is a daunting challenge, especially for a new shul with young families and limited resources. However, after a long search, we are proud to proclaim HaRav Shlomo Weiss, shlita, as spiritual leader of Bais Medrash of Summit Park, Kehillas Bais David and are overjoyed that he has embraced the role as our permanent Rav. May Hakadosh Baruch Hu grant him the Koach and Siyata D’Shmaya to lead us steadfastly in the right Derech, and may He grant us the Bracha and Hatzalacha we need to grow the shul into the beautiful Makom Torah, Tefilla, and Kedusha that we hope it will become.

יגיע כפיך כי תואכל אשריך וטוב לך

May we continue to reap the fruits of our labor, and under the guidance of the new Rav be זוכה to see the קיום of אשריך בעולם הזה וטוב לך לעולם הבא.

Yonah Pollack
Public Communications Liaison
Bais Medrash of Summit Park, Bais David

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