The Laniado Development Fund (LDF) of Laniado Hospital of Netanya, Israel is pleased to announce that Rabbi Chanan Daniel Skurnik of Baltimore, Maryland will serve as our Mid-Atlantic Director. Rabbi Skurnik has extensive experience in development, community relations, and non-profit organizational management. More importantly, Rabbi Skurnik’s character is perfectly aligned with Laniado Hospital’s mission of helping those in need, especially the ill and vulnerable, with genuine compassion and kindness. Meir Mark, Executive Vice President of Development and Foreign Relations, commented “as the communities around the hospital grow and flourish, we stay committed to effectively servicing the region by providing the best possible care, utilizing cutting edge medical equipment, and technology. We are excited to have Rabbi Skurnik join our team and help Laniado meet the needs of the 500,000 residents in the region.” 

About Laniado  The  Klausenberg Rebbe (Grand Rabbi Yekutiel Yehudah Halberstam, of righteous memory) from the Sanz chassidic dynasty, founded Laniado Hospital in 1976. 

 The hospital is a public non-profit institution under the supervision of an international board of trustees. The hospital is founded on Jewish law in every detail. Sanz Medical Center–Laniado Hospital never goes on strike, and treats every individual regardless of religion, race, or nationality.

 The Hospital Today  Sanz Medical Center–Laniado Hospital is the only hospital in the Netanya area, and it offers its services to 500,000 people. The medical center began in 1976 as a maternity clinic. One by one, other departments were opened, including internal medicine, ophthalmology, pediatrics, surgery, ENT, intensive care, gynecology, dialysis, hematology, gastroenterology, oncology, angiography, and orthopedics.

The medical center was mainly constructed by generous donations from benefactors for the building, equipment, instruments, and the daily operating budget. In order to ensure regular funding, “Friends of Sanz Medical Center–Laniado Hospital” organizations were established in many countries, under the leadership of the international board of trustees.

Next to the medical center, a number of out-patient clinics serve the area residents. These include clinics for gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics, surgery, neurology, ophthalmology, ENT, and cardiology.

 The medical center uses the most modern methods: its instruments, equipment, and expert staff have given the Sanz Medical Center its reputation as one of the leading hospitals in Israel.

The late Klausenberger Rebbe expressed his vision for creating a hospital in his founding statement:

 “To strive as far as possible to ease the pain and suffering of the patients, and to improve their emotional and spiritual state.” Sanz Medical Center–Laniado Hospital has adopted as its motto the rebbe’s worldview: “The hospital will aid every person, and this aid will not be technical assistance alone—it will come from the heart. In this hospital, the staff will work as professionals without forgetting the most important aspects of compassion, warmth, and empathy for the patient.” 

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