Kollel Nachlas Hatorah of Khal Machzikei Torah held a special Morning of Learning

The large crowd was privileged to hear from Harav Nechemiah Goldstein, Rosh Kollel of Nachlas Hatorah. The Rosh Kollel spoke about Minhagei Chanukah and presented the background and origins to the customs of giving Chanukah gelt, playing dreidel, and eating donuts.

The audience was intrigued by Rabbi Tzvi Rosen, Star-K Kashrus Administrator, who gave a Shiur about the contemporary olive oil industry. He gave a fascinating presentation of how olive oil is made from the tree to the bottles we buy in the stores. 

This special Legal Holiday Program was arranged in addition to the regular schedule of learning at Kollel Nachlas Hatorah. The daily schedule on Sunday through Friday begins with 8:30 am Shacharis followed by shiurim and chavrusa learning from 9:45 am -11:30 am.

For more information, please contact HaRav Nechemiah Goldstein at 410-358-1019.

Photo Credit: Dave Weintraub

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