Kesser Torah Bochurim Warmed by the Fire of Torah During Winter Zman

A highlight of the Kesser Torah calendar each year is the Retzufos Seder prior to the Pesach Bein ha’Zmanim.  This four-hour seder allows bochurim to end their Winter Zman on a high and, in turn, catapults them into their Yom Tov.  As in the past, this annual event not only involves Kesser Torah’s Mesivta bochurim but also welcomes back its many alumni.

In a testament to their love and appreciation for both their Mesivta and their Rebbeim, alumni, who learn in Eretz Yisroel, Lakewood, Monsey, and other locations, descend upon Kesser Torah in droves to soak up the warmth of the Bais Medrash and receive ongoing inspiration from their Rebbeim.

This Retzufos Seder was special in that it was the first to take place in the yeshiva’s new Bais Medrash.  With a Kol Torah filling the entire Bais Medrash, each bochur was able to fully immerse himself in his learning.

During the seder, bochurim heard words of chizuk from the Rosh Mesivta, Rabbi Tzvi Mordechai Feldheim, Shlit”a.  As well, all bochurim participated in a mesibah with Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, Shlit”a, acting as a keynote speaker.  Finally, talmidim enjoyed a kumztis with their Rebbeim at the yeshiva’s outdoor pavilion.

B”H, Kesser Torah bochurim have used this experience to charge their own learning over the Bein ha’Zmanim as they can be found learning in the many shuls around the neighborhood during their “time-off” from yeshiva.

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