Kehillas Ohr Yisrael Celebrates a Hachnasas Sefer Torah

Kehillas Ohr Yisrael, a vibrant community under dynamic Torah leadership, led by the young & energetic Rabbi Duvi Rubin, welcomed their first new Sefer Torah given by Moshe & Shoshi Meystel, in memory of their grandparents, with heartfelt & joyous singing and dancing. Hundreds of people escorted the Torah down Lightfoot Drive from the Meystel home on Chippewa Drive, passing Cherokee & Navajo Drives. They crossed Greenspring Avenue with Baltimore County Police & Shomrim coordination, towards their newly renovated Shul at 2429 Lightfoot Drive where the dancing continued with even greater excitement!  Kehillas Ohr Yisrael has become a beacon of Torah, a close-knit family full of simcha, and the pulse of the Summit Park and Indian Village neighborhoods. To find out more, go to

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